baby it’s cold outside

baby it's cold outside

I’ve got to get home (Baby you’ll freeze out there)
Say lend me a coat? (It’s up to your knees out there!)
You’ve really been grand, (I feel when I touch your hand)
But don’t you see? (How can you do this thing to me?)
There’s bound to be talk tomorrow (Think of my lifelong sorrow!)
At least there will be plenty implied (If you caught pneumonia and died!)
I really can’t stay (Get over that old out)


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Morgana Hilra


Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Galaxy – Laq | Coming Soon

Body | Belleza | Isis | Newly Updated

Ears | ^^Swallow^^| Pixie Elf Ears

Head | LAQ | Bento head – Noelle | Sponsored Store

Body Applier | LAQ | Next Level – Belleza 1.5 | Sponsored Store

Eyes | Zombie Suicide | Daisy Mesh Eyes | Anybody | December 2018 | Sponsored Store

Skin | LAQ | Noelle Skin [All Tones] | Sponsored Store

Hair | .Entwined. | Teagan / Vivids [wear me] | Equal10 | December 2018


Jacket | Native | Drift Jacket White | The Mens Dept | December 2018
Info: Close Up of Jacket

Pants | Vinyl | Blow Dirt Bike Pants Pak Fatpak | Sponsored Store

Footwear | Vinyl | Eye Cherry Boots Pak Fatpak | Sponsored Store


Piercing | DAZED. | Salem Septum Silver

Glasses | DAZED. | Concubine Glasses Silver

Backpack/Cell | *Tentacio* | after school fatpack | Equal10 | December 2018 | Sponsored Store


Poses | Le Poppycock | *Heartache* A

Background | FOXCITY. | Photo Booth – Old Station | Kustom9 | December 15th, 2018

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