Welcome to the Reindeer Dinner Party

Reindeer Dinner Party

Hi folks. My friends here and I (the reindeer) are posting an extra post of this nice looking dining room set because, I messed up, and I needed to make an extra post… so, I decided to be a little creative and take it outside, and let my little friends play with it, and then, I also decided to see how many of my alts I could log on without crashing… I ended up with Morgana (my main lol), Jared, Death (which was originally my rl sisters avie lol), then I also pulled two of my bot avies from like, 2007… yeah, to say I cringed when I saw them, would be an understatement. I actually defaulted one of them to the newer default ruth lol… just so she didn’t look insane… but, here is a photo of THAT… click if you would like to see it!

Anyway.. I am going to go take a break… tomorrow is a big day, I get the results of my MRI and I meet one of the new neurologists on my team. Should be a blast… as long as the weather holds up.

So, I am going to go lay down. I hope everyone has a safe week, and hold off on the drinking and partying til the weekend!

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Reindeers | Mutresse | Amused-Funky Reindeers / Mutresse-Chilling-Funky Reindeers | The Arcade Gacha | December 2018 

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