Taming of the Inventory

Taming of the Inventory

A comedy… not so much. Frustrating to the point that you need to laugh at yourself… then, yes.

A suggestion to bloggers that I forgot to add to my video… Always delete the blogger item folder once you are done with it. As you likely saw in my video, those folders can add up in your items count. Keep the boxes/huds though. You can box those up if you find that you are getting too much lol.


At the start of my video today, I had an inventory of 348828 however, I just logged out with 313846.

That means I deleted… what? 34982 items? haha Oh wow.

And I have only just begun.

Take some time to watch the video, as well as check out the Second Life Community Forums.

Here is a link to the borderline-OCD inventory sorting thread.

And here is a link to connect with the SL Community mentionables!

Skell Dagger


(Photo disclosure, I found the original photo when doing a search for “taming of the shrew”. in case you wish to grab the image yourself. I edited it myself, however.)

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