Hair Fair Memories!


Today, I decided to sort my items in my inventory, moving the folders about, putting them into their perspective sub-locations, and right now I am working on my “Hair” folder.

As I am sorting, I am finding various “hair fair” folders. Dating back to 2013. And I am sitting here, amazed at how generous creators have been over the years!

There was always some gifts, and the hairs have always been amazing, and the creators that added bandannas for sale, have been creative and beautiful.

The sims are always gorgeous!

I honestly cannot wait til, September 22nd, 2018 to see what the sim organizers come up with this year!

I really hope to see you all there this year!

And let me make a suggestion for you, lol… make subfolders! haha, don’t be like me and forget.

I am making sure my inventory is nice and tidy so I can add more awesomeness this year as well!

For more Hair Fair information, make sure you check out the official blog!

Hair Fair 2018

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