BDC & New Pose Mall! -A Review-

Pose Mall - BDC

Backdrop City Limo

I would like to first begin this review by sharing the past info, as well as to ask that you read, watch, or listen to what is being said and if there are any questions to please come and talk to me before wigging out over something that likely is miscommunication.

I am going to try and be as clear and concise as possible, so as not to have so many misunderstandings.

Here we go!

The beginning, a history update first.

On On this day, before writing my review, I visited the sim. I even met the owner, and also made a couple of new contacts. The experience was pleasant, and I recorded a small walkabout clip of it. Which is included in the review.

I have linked the full review above.

Present day, September 5th, 2018.

Yesterday, one of my sponsors opened their main store on the Backdrop City Sim at their new, Pose Mall and they decided to switch to Blogotex, so I had a reason to be at the sim (I had to register).

This mall is an amazing idea and shows how much support for Backdrop City has grown.  It would appear that most of the original worries about people not purchasing backdrops because they are already available for use, at the time, on the sim, has finally dissipated. At least for the most part. Which is good!

Since the owner of the store shows support for this sim, and since I have been asked by several of my readers to do an update of this review, and also I had some extra energy to spare, I thought, why not now?

And so, I have recorded a video, snaps of all the support from other creators, as well as, I have taken a few photos of certain areas of the sim, and I am going to share my thoughts on how things seem now, which really have not changed… not really.

You can view the video of the Pose Mall at the following link.


I have decided to share the names of each designer that are used for each set… and I have to tell you… some of these sets are not ONE product but several! Just shows you how much work has gone into creating this atmosphere for folks to use!

Let’s begin with 3 snaps I took of each of the areas that caught my attention while I was on the sim. This is not limited, and believe me, there is so much more to explore!

So, first up, this is my personal favorite area mainly because it being September, school is a huge topic in our home right now.

School Inspired

Updated Note: I have my reasons in real life for choosing the first scene, and if you follow my social media for the past 3 yrs, then you know it. However, I am NOT going to get into it here. Please note, no offense was intended, and it IS a scene located at the sim.

BDC - School inspired

Creators Included
Top to bottom then left to right.

AMI:HAI (Collaboration of Amitomo & : HAIKEI)

Bottom L

Fancy Decor

Youtube (Social Media) Inspired

BDC - youtube inspired

Creators Included
Top to bottom then left to right.


little bones.

Bottom R

Apple Fall

Bottom L

-tres blah-

Tumblr (Social Media) Inspired

BDC - Tumblr Inspired

Creators Included
Top to bottom then left to right.


Luxury Shopping Inspired

BDC - lux shopping

Creators Included
Top to bottom then left to right.


One of the current New Areas

BDC - One of the current New Areas

Creators Included
Top to bottom then left to right.



Bottom L


Bottom R

Fancy Decor

As you can see, a lot of thought and time has gone into creating these “scenes”. Some of it is gachas, and some are normal purchases.

I was originally going to post all the items used for each set but, after the first, I was overwhelmed, and the thought that Mia did all of this, is just WOW.

And now, in my opinion. And people can like it or hate it. It is what it is. No bullying is going to make me change my thoughts, so please, if that is what your opening liners are going to be, just move on.

I honestly do not see anything wrong with this sim.
Sims like this have been around as long as I can remember, and I have been in SL in one form or another since the virtual doors opened.

Photography sims, in my own opinion, are a great way to showcase designers items and bring traffic to their stores.

I mentioned in my previous review that I had personally found a few new places to shop because of the Backdrop City, and I am sure there were many other people that did the exact same thing I did.

In the past, I understood the LOGO usage without permission but, I honestly didn’t understand the usage of backgrounds that the owner of the sim purchased, and rezzed out on her sim. I should clarify that I didn’t understand what the actual issue was. And although I truly am a fan of each of the creators that were involved in the… oh, what is a good word to use that will not come across as rude… hoopla (read below)? I honestly do not see how they would have lost business. And from the looks of the Pose Mall, located on the Backdrop City sim currently, that tells me that many other people agree with my thoughts here.

1. Hoopla Definition
NORTH American informal
the excitement surrounding an event or situation, especially when considered to be unnecessary fuss.
Maybe this is not the correct wording but, I did notice that there was a lot of anger about the creators not making money, and from an online poll, that another sl’er/plurker posted, most customers felt that the sim showed them what was available. So, yes, in my eyes, I see this as an unnecessary fuss.

There are poses makers, and backdrop creators, and so much support for this sim now, it’s amazing.

I don’t want anyone to think that I am lessening the concerns that people had in the past… that is not my intention. Yes, they were concerned, and some still are but, I wish that those people would just give the sim a chance.

I will be honest, and tell you all that I have been worried about doing this updated review due to one of the places I blogged for.  Hey, at least I am being honest. I didn’t want to be let go because my opinion went against theirs, and so… after my first post, and major misunderstanding/miscommunication with the owner of the sim, I just bit my tongue, and kept my thoughts to myself… thinking this would be better but, in the end, it really isn’t.

I think this is an issue for many bloggers, or anyone really in general. They are afraid to lose their jobs, they are afraid of the backlash from random people, so they don’t say anything but, as a blogger, isn’t that what my job is? In the end, it’s not to kiss ass or to hide my thoughts and feelings, it’s to share all of those, and give my opinion, and tell you what I feel about a situation, and about what I think could make it better.

In this case, Backdrop City is a blessing not only to people that just want to take photos there but, also to creators because, as I have seen many people say recently, what better way to find a “new to you” creator of backdrops than to go to Backdrop City, and see what is new there?

And so, here we are, at the end.

I want to put it to YOU… What are YOUR thoughts?

I promise, if you behave as an adult, no matter if you agree or disagree, I WILL publish your comments.

I have had abusive people leaving comments in the past, which is why the option to just leave a comment is disabled. This is not in association with BDC, so please do not assume this.

I hope that this post has been enjoyable. I made sure to include the first review, as well as a tour of the sim. I spoke directly to the owner, Mia, and she has allowed me permission to use her textures. Other than all the info above, I am not sure what else I could say.

So, that being said, I am off to bed. I did take a couple blog photos at the sim tonight but, I had a health scare today, or this would have been posted this morning… but, this is it….

And now, because I am a paranoid blogger… I am going to go hide… I mean, sleep.. lol. JK… I don’t think I have anything to be paranoid about when it comes to this review. We shall see.

4 thoughts on “BDC & New Pose Mall! -A Review-

  1. Honestly I really enjoy Backdrop City, and I don’t totally have opinions on either point of view on how people see it! Before in my photos I didn’t credit the backdrops, but after talking with other bloggers on Discord I started doing such.

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