In Celebration of 8 years of So Hawt SL!

So Hawt SL - Limited Gift Certificate

In honor of So Hawt SL turning 8 today, I have decided to post a gift on my marketplace as a thank you to readers and my customers, since my store is the same age as my blog!

I was not sure what to post… at first I was going to pick one male and one female shape to set for free for a few days but, I decided to do it another way.

The above gift certificate will be posted as a limited amount gift.

I have talked to many friends, and readers and they all agreed that I will post the limit to 8. Being that this is my 8th year.

What this certificate allows is one free shape, of your choosing. This will be active til the end of September. So, you can use it now, or you can hold on to it for a future release.

So, this certificate is good until September 30th, 2018 at 11:59pm eastern standard time. This is my timezone so it is easiest for me to follow.


I will include instructions in the folder that you will receive but for now, I will also add them here.

Create a new folder, add a note card with your name (legacy!!), proof of purchase (best to create that as soon as you purchase the certificate in case you are like me and love to shop, this way you will not lose the information.)
And the name of the shape that you wish to have delivered.
As well as the certificate.

Proof of purchase must match. It’s for my records.

I am hoping that these instructions are easy enough to follow… if not, just ask, and I will answer as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for the 8 amazing years, and I hope that I can keep you all interested in the coming future!

Click here to retrieve your certificate.
(sold out! Thank you for participating!)

Remember, once they are gone, that’s it til the next promotion.

Thank you for commenting!

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