Important Notice – Heatwave

Heat Wave - Please read post

I hope you all understand but, there is a severe heatwave that hit Southern Ontario, and apparently will not be letting up (hopefully) until the end of the week.

This affects my ability to blog because, well.. first off, the pc keeps freezing, turning off, blue screening… as it commonly does during weather like this. So, I have been keeping it off as much as possible.

Even now, with only, Google running, the “power supply” is extremely hot to touch… I am sure you are asking your selves, why in the hell is she touching it in the first place… well, the answer is… I am making sure THAT is the reason for all the issues.

Also, my health has been suffering from this weather, as I have chronic illnesses. I need to be resting during this time, or well I will end up in the er, and that is not a place I would like to be.

I promise, as soon as it breaks, I will be back to normal, hopefully (at least normal for ME), and I will get right back to blogging.. HELL, I may even try to chance blogging through our the nights if I can….

I really hate to disappoint ppl, and unfortunately, there are some things I cannot control…. mother nature being #1.

I really hope ppl will understand.

I have attempted to reach as many sponsors as I could but, I am sure I missed a few, and since I am unable to log on to SL…. I have to cross my fingers they do not get angry with me.

Have a great week, stay safe, and stay cool!


If you have rain…. send it here… better if it’s snow!

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