So Hawt SL – Shapes – Kyleigh (LAQ & Catwa)

So Hawt SL - Shapes - Kyleigh (LAQ & Catwa)

Hi folks, well after chatting with several people on social media, I decided to release this shape and market it for both Laq Mesh Heads, and Catwa Mesh Heads.

Imagine my surprise when I donned my Laq head after fitting my shape to fit the newest Catwa head (Strawberry) to find that with the smallest of adjustments It worked so well with the Laq – Bree head as well. So I checked to see how the adjustments looked with the Catwa head, and well… here we are! I am wearing Mudskin tone e04 with both heads!

So Hawt SL - Shapes - Kyleigh - Laq and Catwa AD

Honestly, I am overjoyed with this turn of events! As I have been wanting to release new shapes for Laq for a bit but, my customers had been requesting mostly Catwa, so… as most creators know… it’s supply and demand. However, now you get to reap the benefits of both stores!

The shape is named after my newest sister, Kyleigh. I thought it would be a great, “welcome to the family” kind of thing. And yes, I will be sending her the completed shape. As I always do if I name a shape after a family member, friend, or some random person I see at a shopping event!

Now, please remember that the demos are there to show off the FACE not the body lol. So forgive the uh… modifications on the body but, I promise, as always, the shapes bod, looks just like the photo, and also as always, the shapes are MOD/Copy so just make sure you back your shape up before playing with it to match your personal tastes.

Thanks to all my readers, and customers. YOU & my closest family and friends are what make it worth coming to SL here and there.

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I hope that you have enjoyed this post!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  Kyleigh (Catwa/LAQ) | NEW RELEASE

Body | Maitreya | Body – Lara V4.1

Head | LAQ | Bento head – Bree 3.05 | New Release | Sponsored Store
Head | Catwa | Strawberry |  New Release | Sponsored Store

Ears | Swallow |  Elf Ears

Skin – LAQ | [ MUDSKIN ]| BABYDOLL # 11 | Gacha
Skin – Catwa | [ MUDSKIN ] | YONI # MAKEUP 4_104 | Gacha

Eyes | [ MUDSKIN ] | DOLLY LENS # 7

Hair | RAMA.SALON | Adriana Hair ‘EXCLUSIVE’ RARE | Gacha


Outfit | Bossie. | holo [loves you] | Group Gift | Free to join


Pose |  Hello Gorgeous. | Rose

Build | MINIMAL | Mood Salon

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