Beachfront Picnic!

Come get away

In this post, I will share a list of current items first… ie: Event Items, New Releases… and then I will share the rest of the items that are shown.

The new release/event items are from Kraftwork, The Plastik, Aphrodite, Little Branch, Granola, and Tentacio.

I will be doing this in stages. The featured items will be blogged right away however, I got a tad ahead of myself, and added more items than I thought I would. So, I will be added the extra items over the weekend.

I want to meet deadlines, so please bear with me.

I made a video of close up photos of the whole setup but, the first part of this video is actually showing off the Bread Wizard in action!


Featured items list. (Some info is directly from the creator)

Aphrodite Breadmaker “Fearless Chef”.
New Release exclusive for SWANK Events this round! The “Fearless Chef” Breadmaker machine. Bread machines are the fastest way to get fresh bread to your table. We’ve all had “fresh” bread from a supermarket that ends up getting hard entirely too quickly from sitting out all day or because of the bag it’s in. With a bread machine, you can set your own timer and have ultra-fresh bread ready for you when you need it. This machine allows you with 13 different programmes to make different types of hot bread, appetizers, canapes, sandwiches ideal for breakfasts or teatime, and even 9 different KIDS themed fun bread with animal faces and more. Includes two different cables and all decor for FREE. 


KraftWork Puget Sound/Retreat
KraftWork brings you the Puget Sound retreat, a small lake house. They’re also offering a few decor items called Sundry, sold separately.


*Tentacio* Love Packagin
A very cute gacha item set with, 7 common items. They are designed to be worn but, I thought I would rez them out for the picnic scene, so as you can see, they can, in fact, be used as decor!


The Plastik – Shannia Picnic Set
Deco(C)rate – Shabby Chic
100% Custom Mesh. Multiple sit animations on benches. Includes lighting in silver and gold, benches, table. With 20 unisex sit animations, and 15 different wood textures.

The Plastik

Little Branch – The Moon Flower Shrub.V1/Moon Flower Shade{Animated}{Animated}
The Moon Flower Shrub.V1{Animated}FatPack with a menu to change the flowers color are set and ready for The Chapter 4 Event & Moon Flower Shade for the Liaison Collaborative.

Little Branch

Granola – Celeste Daybeds and Moon Phases
Daybeds available in 2 patterns with light and dark wood options for each.
PG daybed includes 8 female animations, 8 male animations (some bento) and 12 cuddles, all bento.
ADULT daybed includes all PG animations plus 12 additional adult animations, all bento.
Moon phases available in 3 metals, gold, silver and copper.


Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

Also, I am including a link to my Sponsored Storearea if I am blogging one of my sponsors so that you can find their mainstores.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!



Build/House Decor | Kraftwork | Puget Sound/Retreat | 6º Republic | May 2018 |  Sponsored Stores
(My apologies if the skyline is backward, I have never actually seen the skyline before.)

Breadmaker | Aphrodite | Breadmaker “Fearless Chef” | SWANK | May 2018 |  Sponsored Store

Takeaway Food | *Tentacio* | Love Packagin | Kustom9 | May 2018 |  Sponsored Store

Daybed | Granola | Celeste Daybeds and Moon Phases | Illuminate | May 18, 2018, |  Sponsored Stores
Note” Wall hanging moons, are shown in the video

Shrubs | Little Branch | The Moon Flower Shrub.V1 | The Chapter 4 Event | May 2018 |  Sponsored Store

Trees | Little Branch |  Moon Flower Shade{Animated}{Animated} |  Liaison Collaborative | May 2018 |  Sponsored Store

Picnic Table | The Plastik | Shannia Picnic Set
Deco(C)rate | May 2018 |  Sponsored Store

More info coming soon.

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