Something Wicked at Gachaland

Something Wicked

Wicca’s Wardrobe is a part of, Gachland this April, and they brought us some really cute boots!

Ash Boots Gacha – Maitreya ONLY! 2 rares and 20 commons. The rares come with a color and metals HUD that give you a variety of choices for all parts of the boot, including a hide feature for the front strap.

The commons come with a HUD as well and it controls the sole, inner sole, lacing and metals.

The exclusive offering for this event is the bootie version of Ash. It comes with a HUD as well that controls various parts of the boot.

Click here for the video!

Click here for the Gachaland Website but, first… let me warn you. Either turn down your volume or be ready to hit pause. The autoplay music is INSANELY loud!

I won’t lie… it scared the SHIT out of me, at 3am.


Players make pulls on their favorite machines just as they normally would.

Every time a player completes 20 pulls on a single machine they receive that Creator’s special “GachaLand Exclusive” along with the 20 gachas they would normally win.

GachaLand Exclusives cannot be won by chance. They aren’t won at all. Instead, they are a gift given by our Creators to those that play their machine at least 20 times.

GachaLand Exclusives are NO copy/ YES transfer just like a regular gacha so you are free to keep, trade or sell them as you’d like.

After the event ends all Exclusives are retired and will never be made available again.

So there you have it. Tons of information and all you have to do is… go an enjoy yourself!

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I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

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Footwear | Wicca’s Wardrobe | Ash | Gachland | April 2018


Poses | Focus Poses | Tropical Vibes | The Dollhouse | April 2018

Background | MINIMAL | Mood Salon

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