It’s almost time to get, ROTTEN!

Rotten Egg Hunt - So Hawt SL - Catwa Shape - Darrin

These shapes will be EXCLUSIVE… so if you miss the hunt, you cannot message me asking for them because I will be deleting the exclusives. Heck, I will make a video of me doing it!

The hunt runs from April 14th til, the 28th! So mark your calendars!

Rotten Egg Hunt - So Hawt SL - Lelutka Shape - Minnie

Styling cards will be included in the prizes, and these are FULL shapes. So you can copy and mod them, just as a regular release. xo

More info provided by, Isis

Mark your Planners Rotten Egg Hunt is just around the corner… Over 30 Designers have come together to bring you an amazing hunt all in one location. You are searching for a rotten egg. Some stores have more than one egg out so make sure you look around.

Watch the Lanisha Events
flickr group, to see what is being offered.

Will post Taxi closer to event opening!!


Dates: April 14th 12:01am – April 28th 11:59pm

Click here to see what the egg looks 

Price: Each egg can be priced from 1L – 5L

Cost: Nothing to join us and hunt

Group: No Group to join

Stores Participating:

Psychotic Neko, Witch )O( Craft, The Little Bat, Zombie Suicide, PosESion, Xxxtasi, Epoch, So Hawt SL, Namiichuu, Entice, Astara Clothing and Accessories, AFI Designs, Epic, Ember, Refuge, EscalateD, Implings, 187 Boutique, Pink Acid & Bantam, [QE] Designs, Muggleborn, Velika Rituals, Tanoshi’s, Beauty OF Darkness, Pink Cream Pie, Goth1c0, PKC, Dark Passions, Unicult, Kawaii Whore, Sakide, Kraftwork, Sadistic Obsessions, Reign, Cult and more….. *Squeezes my store in this list!! So Hawt SL – Shapes!*

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