Sisters are doin’ it for themselves

Sisters are doin it for themselves

I have noticed many people asking about my huds on youtube. Haha, yeah, I know… with my addiction to Second Life huds… fashion, skin, hair, makeup… on and on… let’s draw MORE attention to them! Anyway, people have been asking me where I get these Catwa huds I am always talking about… mainly my lashes hud and my mini hud, and where to find them… so, ladies and gents! Let’s go and look!

The following video is a walkthrough of where to find these huds, and many gifts, as well as outfit information, and more info on Miss Tracy!


I hope that you enjoyed the video, and my unexpected guest, LOL.

He appears to be a newer resident, so make sure to make him feel welcome! And as for the IM, it was just him asking if I worked there, and I offered him some assistance. If I can help, I always will and if I cannot, I will always point folks in the right direction!

Something as a side thought but, well important just the same. And anyone that really knows me, will tell you that this statement following, is very true!

Family, no matter if they are blood or earned, is very important to me. I never go into any form of family bond with my eyes closed. I need to make sure that no matter what, I know, that I will be “there” if they need me, and vice versa. I need to know that if we have an argument, or disagreement, that we will not leave each other, or if we do, that is will be short lived. And with Miss Babydoll Tracy here, that is how I feel. I am honored to call her my sister. Blood or not, I will honor our bond. Always!

Now, if there is someone out there, that once upon a time was family, and are not now, for whatever reason… know that, just because we had a falling out, doesn’t mean that rift cannot be mended, you just have to figure out a way to get through to me. It may take time but, if it is that important to you, the time should not matter… right?


I just watched my own video and realized that someone may think that the Rare Gacha is a “gift”. It is not a “gift” but, a Rare gacha with many, many items. That is what I meant by “gift”.

Thanks for tuning in!

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

Please click the photo to see it in larger sizes.



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | PSY(CH) (Catwa) New Release

Body | Maitreya | Body – Lara V4.1

Head | CATWA | Catya 3.2 | New Release

Hair | #Foxy | Lamb Hair (Dark Blondes)

Ears | Swallow | Noldor Elf Ears | Kustom9 | March 2018

Eyes | Mudskin | Yoni’s Favorite *RARE* –  YONI LENS # 6 | Tres Chic | March 2018 | Gacha

Skin | Mudskin |  Yoni’s Favorite *RARE* –  YONI # MAKEUP 4_104 | Tres Chic | March 2018 | Gacha

Polish | Dark Passions |  Drake Dreams – Silver | Lootbox | March 2018


Dress | DAMI Studios | Soft flare onepiece 08 | Gacha
Note: I tried to find their store but, it isn’t in search so I linked their Flickr instead. You can find their events and such there.

Footwear | Momento | walker boots | gacha RARE


Necklace | Supernatural | Whimsy | Shiny Shabby | March 2018

Glasses | Mudskin | Yoni’s Favorite *RARE* –  IKEMEN GLASSES # 4 | Tres Chic | March 2018 | Gacha


Pose | Bauhaus Movement | The Bosses

Backdrop | MINIMAL | Mood Bath

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