eBento – March – Video & Blog!

eBento - Video & Blog post!

Today, I have decided to share a “look” as well as my video for eBento! The reason would be… well, I just really love my look today, and I have to demo some skins, so I figured I would just share this now, instead of waiting til Sunday, as I originally was going to do… and while I do this, I will also link my eBento March video!


Think of this as a short post, with all your normal info shared below with all event info, urls, and notes if needed!

Before I leave you though, my sister Hunni is talking about learning the Black Dragon viewer… Now when I say learning, it’s like any viewer… Learning how to use it, etc. Now, I had told her that there were options missing that made it so I would not switch. I want to make it clear, I do like the Black Dragon viewer, however… without these options, I would NEVER switch.

I made a video… CLICK HERE!!

hehe.. I hope you enjoy these videos, and here is your info!

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I hope that you have enjoyed this post!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | PSY (Catwa) | coming soon

Body | Maitreya | Body – Lara V4.1

Head | CATWA | Catya 3.2 | New Release

Ears | Swallow | Pixie

Eyes | Avi-Glam |  Prestige Eyes – Fatpack | Skin Fair | March 9th, 2018

Tattoo | [CAROL G] | Exotic  | eBento | March 10th, 2018

Skin | Glam Affair | Wendy – America | Collabor88 | March 2018

Hair | Tableau Vivant | Francesca | Fameshed | March 2018


Dress | *dafnis | ARANTXA |  e.l.i.t.e | til March 15th, 2018

Shoes | Hucci | Douai Sandal | Collabor88 | March 2018


Rings (left hand) | .::Supernatural::. | Amelie Palm Ring – Silver | eBento | March 10th,  2018

Rings (right hand) | .::Supernatural::. | Lila Silver | eBento | March 10th,  2018


Pose | Kokoro Poses | Kamilla /  Irene | eBento | March 10th,  2018

5 thoughts on “eBento – March – Video & Blog!

  1. Hi, i randomly found this blogpost in my routine search for Black Dragon Viewer stuff and wanted to “address” about a few things you’re mentioning in your Video. I’m going through them in order of appearance if that is okay for you.

    1. The “keep camera position” option and why i think it is useless.

    – Normally when you left click your Avatar the Viewer enters what is called the “steering” mode, it is used or meant to be used to aid movement while walking around using the keyboard controls, it allows you to turn around, look up, down etc you get the idea. This is directly influenced from pretty much any game and is a fundamental movement option. What the “keep camera position” option does and what you actually want is when left clicking on your Avatar, instead of entering steering mode you enter the “freecam” mode, it does essentially the same as holding your left Alt key and clicking your Avatar, infact the only difference is that unlike holding Alt it doesn’t switch you into the Zoom mode but rather directly into the Orbit mode which you can enter by holding the left Ctrl key in addition to the Alt key. These keyboard camera controls (Alt – Zoom)(Alt + Ctrl – Orbit)(Alt + Ctrl + Shift – Positioning) are baseline camera controls that anyone should know, sadly this is not the case, not everyone had the luck to start on a Help Island like me where said controls where actually explained nor doesn’t everyone look into finding better ways of controlling certain things but that’s why i’m here to tell you. If you want to do the same as the option you are so craving to have, simply hold Alt + Ctrl and click your avatar, you can even let go of Alt as long as you keep holding the left mouse button and simply only keep Ctrl pressed (or Shift if you want to move the camera around), let go of Ctrl if you want to Zoom in/out rather than rotate up/down, it’s really easy and works not just on your Avatar but everywhere, as mentioned those are basic camera controls. They can even be found in the “Keybindings” tab in Preferences in Black Dragon… and changed if you want although i’d recommend probably not changing them, they are there for a reason.

    2. Quick preferences.

    – 2 words. Hit F1. Black Dragon has it’s own “quick preferences” called Machinima Sidebar, it contains most if not all options you need for making Photos and Machinima. The reason this does not include any windlight preset dropdowns is simply, you don’t need it. The new environment settings window is tiny and flat offers all windlight preset related things you want and gives you quick access to all editors (such as sky and water) if you need to, those which again contain a dropdown to select a windlight preset. In addition Black Dragon does not revert your windlight settings when closing an editor as long as you don’t change your preset that is. Secondly having windlight preset dropdowns in the sidebar wouldn’t make much sense anyway since if you are making photos or machinima you’ll most likely end up editing a preset anyway, in that case you’ll have the editor of said preset open anyway in which again you can access all your presets directly, no reason to have this dropdown in every single place you go, this kind of stuff is the very reason Firestorm’s UI is so bloated and why FS needs to many tweaks and hacks to work anywhere near “decent”. Just in case you’re wondering, i do a lot of pictures and quite some videos too, i work with windlight all the time and i’ve found this to be the most efficient compromise between work efficiency/speed and ui design and simplicity.

    3. Eyelash alpha clipping.

    The reason you eyelashes look “strange” is due to them using the alpha mode “Blending”, it’s a widely spread issue (not just SL mind you) that is mostly invisible if utilized properly (such as in games where they do everything to hide this stuff) but is very visible in SL due to the ability to freecam around in Second Life and look at things from any angle which games usually don’t allow so they can be tweaked to look good for a specific camera angle. The straight up unskilled and uninformed blatant usage of it in Second Life by unskilled creators (which is what makes Second Life what it is, something where ANYONE can create something, including a random pile of cubes and call it art) is probably the biggest reason this breaks as often as it does. I wish there was an actual fix for this problem… well i heard there is but it’s not actually very efficient unless you want to see SL in a slideshow more than it already is sometimes. Regardless i’d recommend you reading this blogpost of mine where i talked about the Alpha Blending/Masking thing and how to fix it.


    4. ~ Those are not shadows you’re seeing. [Insert funny joke about black mist]

    Well technically it is shadowing, it’s called Screen Space Ambient Occlusion or SSAO in short and is what you’d call “secondary shadowing” to give objects a better three dimensional look by adding additional depth. There’s really not much to say about it other than that it is pretty much invisible in other Viewers due to the default settings they use which is kinda sad and a waste although not too much of a waste considering that SSAO has almost no impact on performance whatsoever, still sad its not used more. Ohwell.

    5. Quick next/previous button for windlights.

    *chuckles* Isn’t it funny, i made a video for that long ago.

    I should really make more of those.

    6. The camera controls.

    I see you know the camera controls already. Well as i said i’m going through these in order while watching the video since this is going to be a super long post. Anyway, in addition to what i said above, here’s another tip: Hold right-click mouse to rotate your camera, works everywhere too, after zooming, on your avatar to turn around and so on. It’s really nice. You should get used to it, just like you got used to left-clicking on your avatar to alt cam around. It’s really just a matter of getting used to it.

    7. “They”

    It’s not “they”. To quote you “i feel like a broken record”. I keep hearing that. The Viewer is solely a 1-man job unless you count LL’s changes and users testing and reporting problems.

    8. “I don’t see it taking too much resources”

    You’re right, it wouldn’t take much resources. It would probably take like 5 minutes to add. Both the windlight dropdowns and the left-click camera option, the latter which i had already built in at some point back in Nirans Viewer when i had someone making my Linux builds, he insisted on adding this feature and i told him i’m not going to but he’s free to add it to the Linux version. The linux version didn’t live long.

    9. The left click thing. Again.

    I think… uh… i just remembered you can also set the rotation degree to max and prevent your avatar from turning around (it still does on the server, visible to everyone else but it doesn’t for you anymore).

    Preferences – Camera – Avatar Tracking Options – Rotationstep ° [standing]

    I made a video of that too. Good times, when i made videos about every single tiny thing i added.

    10. “Nirans Viewer had it”

    Okay…. okay.. yes i called it. This is getting ridiculous. The reason i removed it is, there is no reason. I never removed it. I never implemented it again when i started from scratch with Black Dragon because it was never meant to be there in the first place.


    A few more notes here.

    Firstly i saw that you were using the latest version of the Viewer, the one that had the rudimentary “custom” sidebar function already implemented, in the future it’s going to allow you to create your own sidebar, add all the options you want and remove those you don’t want. This might or might not include the ability to … ugh… call functions… functions such as opening windows… or changing windlight presets. NO PROMISES.

    Secondly, the reason why i add some features but not others (builtin AO, radar, area search and pretty much any FS option) is because i rate these options in their usefulness and their impact, i rate every option with a tiny impact to begin with, an option such as switching left click behavior surely isn’t a big addition nor a big time sink but it adds absolutely nothing to the Viewer either it is just as much wasted as it is free and i feel that adding it wouldn’t improve the Viewer in any way when there are much more important things i’d like to look at.

    Thirdly, the Viewer is not meant to be the be-all-and-end-all for everyone, for some it sure is. I’m not looking to gather as much users as possible nor do care much about userbase sizes, the size of a userbase isn’t a definitive proof of how good something is, just how good people subjectively think something is which doesn’t necessarily make it good. Firestorm does a lot of weird things, a lot of things that negatively impact SL overall, be it their fault or not, in the past they haven’t done SL a favor and only recently they have started to show at least some care about SL by limiting the abuse of the Object Quality option. I don’t want to be another Firestorm, anyone can do that, anyone can take Firestorm and make it look fancy but not everyone can care about SL which they haven’t done a big deal in the past so far by catering to the need of individual users too much.

    Fourth…ly ~ weird?, Poser. Check out the Poser if you haven’t already. Can be found either via toolbar button (should have been there by default) or via the submenu “My Useful Features” – Pose/Animation Manipulator.

    1. Sigh. You seem to have taken what I said as some kind of insult, when it was simply my opinion, as well as my reason for sticking with Firestorm.
      As for “they”, it could refer to one person, or fifty, either way. It was not an insult.
      How was I suppose to know you had, however many videos up, as I only recently heard of your viewer? Yes, I had vaguely heard of it before but, either way.
      Anyway, I will leave your extremely long reply up for others to read if they would like however, I still have my opinions, and they have not changed, as I still like my options on Firestorm, and I like the -compacted quick preferences-.
      Kudos on the viewer, as I said in my video, I do like it but, there are things that I cannot work without.
      You are entitled to your thoughts on things, and I am entitled to mine.

      1. If it helps, I know what you meant and didn’t see how anything you said could be perceived as insulting (except that he seems to be a bit touchy about ‘they’ instead of ‘him’. You said multiple times in the video how much you love BD, but also explained why you can’t use it.

        Some people are just born combative, chickie. Don’t let it get to you ♥

      2. Thanks, darlin. I was taught growing up that when you give advice, or constructive criticism or an opinion, to make sure that you have something nice to say as well.
        Honestly, I still think it is a nice photography viewer. Nothing he says to me can change my opinion on the viewer itself, just on the creator.

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