Do you believe in life after love…..

Do you believe in life after love2

Do you believe in life after love? What a question… People assume that all love is “romantic love” but, it’s not really.

I love my children, my family. I love my friends. My partner…

So, if you lose one of those people, does the love just end? Does life just end? Not literally but, figuratively.

I believe there is life after love. I believe that love never ends once the person is gone. So, yes. That is my answer.

Do you believe in life after love

In this post, I have… omg. So much!

Head to Toe, as Miss Tyra Banks would say…

Hair from Dela, and shoes from N-Core from the Fetish Fair, happening NOW! Yay! One of my most favorite events. I mean, come on, when else is it OK for a “closet perv” like myself, to let her freak flag fly?

I am wearing a skin from Essences. It’s called Anya! And I chose it because, in my attempts to recreate India Eisley’s look, I thought maybe this skin would match. I think I chose well but, as India is very pale, and I am not used to being so pale, there is a change that I did not do a good enough job. That is not a blurp on the skin though. The skin is very beautiful!

Next, let’s see… I am wearing my Avi-Glam eyes, as always. I love their eyes. And skin, and anything else they have put out for as long as I have been familiar with the brand. So, yes, that is me, giving heavy props to the creator, Kendra Parfort! Always so beautiful!

My necklace is so “prettiful”… yes, it is a word. haha. It’s a gacha prize from, The Plastik. And you would think, it’s just one color… right? No. So wrong. It comes with a hud, that you can use to change the color of the jewels. We are talking… just wow. So many different colors. Here, click here, and have a look at the HUD.  Beautiful, right?

Next, my top! Another awesome addition, with a hud that is killer! It’s from, Entice and is available at, We Love Roleplay. The fatpack comes with a HUD to change all the little details! And in the fatpack, you get two bonus colors! Here is the HUD! Each top is 150L but, if you purchase the fatpack, it’s only 450L and that hud? That is what you get! Pretty awesome deal if you ask me.

Oh no, I forgot something! Not really but, I wanted to grab your attention in case you are getting bored with all my typing, lol.

I am showcasing 4 of the 10 liners from, Leluck that you can pick up at this round of, Darkness which is celebrating their Anniversary! So, make sure you join the group and pick up all the lovely gifts that some of the store owners left out for you!
These liners are for the Catwa mesh heads. And they are subtle, not over the top, like some brands. Very nice.

Two last items to talk about before I head back into SL to play with the demos I picked up all over the grid tonight…

First, my pants! Actually, these are leggings. They are from Blueberry… and man. All I can say is, do NOT have any form of liquid or food in your mouth when you start messing about with the animations/styling hud. Trust me. Please. For the love of life. Just don’t. I just about severely hyperventilated when I showed Max tonight what the animation does. It’s AWESOME! Get them. Just the animation is worth it, lol. Though I do of course love my leggings.

And next, that lovely, sweet, adorable little puppy!

He is a gacha prize from Black Bantam! The “holding” Rare puppy. Omg, he is so adorable. And I was able to wear him in a nice pose using my Lyrium Bento Poses. Perfect pair!

I think that is it. I may have missed something but, I am hoping that I covered it all.

I may take tomorrow, Wednesday, as a “me day”. Sleep. Play WoW. I may even take Thursday as well since I have been blogging up a storm and a half.

I hope you all do not mind, as I would love to not become “burnt out”… if that makes sense.

I am happy that you are all here, and reading my posts!

See you next time. xo

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Random personal shape from my store

Body | Maitreya | Body – Lara V4.1

Head | CATWA | Uma

Ears | Swallow | Pixie

Eyes | Avi-Glam. |  Enchanted Eyes – Regular HUD – Pack 1

Skin | Essences | Anya – Pale#02

Hair | =DeLa*= | “Melora” All colors  | WeDoSL Events – Fetish Fair| January 2018


Top  | Entice | Confident Top Fatpack | We Love Roleplay | February 2018

Pants | Blueberry | Poppy Leggings  – Cherry

Footwear | N-core | PAULA “FatPack”  | WeDoSL Events – Fetish Fair| January 2018


Necklace | :[Plastik]: | Crystal Spires Gatcha:// Spire Necklaces-Silvered | Gacha

Puppy | *[Black Bantam] | Love Band Chih Pup Hold RARE | Gacha | Chapter Four | February 2018


Single | L y r i u m | Bento Series Set 3 | New Release


Background | FOXCITY. | Pretty in Pastels – Common 4 | Gacha

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