Let me help you with that!

Let me help you with that

Whenever I upload a tutorial video, I ask readers if there is something that they would like help on. If it is within my power/knowledge to explain it to them, I will. And in this case, I have received several note cards, mainly from new residents, asking how to lessen the load, when attending events in Second Life.

I can help with this, however, I do not know if you will like how I personally handle things while attending an event. I can, however, tell you that 80% or more of all Second Life residents do it this way, and “act” all offended (LOL) when they find out that I have done this. I do not understand why people act this way but, hey… whatever. It will help you, and you can always reverse it, which I have included “how” to do it but, I didn’t do it til I left the event.

DERENDER – That is the name of your new best friend, at any and all events!

The event that I am using as a demo for you all is, Fameshed.

I chose this event because, it is a very popular event, and we are only on the second day, so there are many victims to choose from… I mean, people. There are many people to demonstrate on. haha. (Paranoia humor at it’s finest there!)

As you can see, I have shown you step by step how to achieve this. Of course, if you do not want to derender your friends, there are two ways that you can handle that.

Well, I suppose there are three but, the first one is tedious. Especially if there are a large number of people there. You likely saw me doing it in the video.
You can right click on anyone that you wish to derender, and go to the “more” options, and derender them individually but, this can be time-consuming, and likely several more people will have arrived while doing this. Annoying, right?

The second way, follow the instructions in the video, and then, open your asset list, click on your friends’ names, and remove them from the asset. It may take a few moments but, they will reappear. You have no idea how many times, I have derendered a friend that was with me, and thought they left me there, OR they will be talking to me, and I do not reply because I cannot see them. Oops.

And the last option, while choosing/highlighting names in the people list, just use the cntrl button, and click their names, to release them from the list of people that you are derendering.

See? Easy! And this will give you a pain-free, lag-free experience!

Now, in the past, when I have offered this form of experience, or way to deal with issues, I have been approached by event coordinators that have taken offense to me calling their events “laggy”. I would like to make this clear to everyone that reads my blog posts.

Some event a week after opening day.

This is not a smash against the actual event. If anything, this is a positive, compliment that the events are so popular that so many people want to get in, asap! So please, do not take my suggestions as a smack in the face. They’re not. I am just trying to help people have the best experience.

And think of it this way. If you have a large scale event, with tons of builds, and decor that a coordinator put a ton of time into creating, would you not want your customers to be able to enjoy the event without too much trouble? Double edged sword there, huh? Trust me, I fall on it almost every single day.

Note: One of my watchers on youtube, and made a comment before the post was finished but, she has offered a 4th way of handling not derendering your friends.

You could do that a bit faster by clicking world and at the bottom click show friends only and it will get rid of everyone but your friends on your friends list.”

See folks? It helps me, and my readers to make comments, and if I catch them in time, I will add them to my blog post.

Thanks, Lyda!

Alright, the last thing, I wanted to share this look of the day with you. This is my “getting ready to WORK” outfit.
I always take off my nonessentials while working as I am getting ready to bring out the SPRING season at our home. I am going to start on it tomorrow since, I am really not feeling great today, and I just wanted to do something I know I can do, without stressing over the sim today.

Let me help you with that2

This outfit is a free gift from, Coco Designs!
They always have amazing gifts, and you would know that by now if you have been following my posts! hehe.
The outfit and the shoes are free gifts, and all you need to do to get them is, join the free group, head on over to the mainstore, and click whatever gifts that you would like that are on the gift wall.

This is PERFECT for all residents! Even new ones!

Ok, time to share your details with you, and maybe go have some soup to calm my tummy, which is in forever turmoil today. Wish me luck getting enough rest!

Tomorrow I break out tons of designers for my Spring build!

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Random personal shape from my store

Body | Maitreya | Body – Lara V4.1

Head | CATWA | Ciara | New Release

Ears | Swallow | Pixie

Eyes | Avi-Glam. |  Enchanted Eyes – Regular HUD – Pack 1

Skin |  Boataom | Angela #3 | Gacha Garden | Feb 1st – 28th, 2018

Hair | Navy & Copper | Latte – Blondes | Fameshed | Feb 1 – 25th, 2018


Outfit  | Coco Designs | JoggerPants(LightBlue)+TankTop |  Group Gift | Join free group

Footwear | Coco Designs | OpenToeMules(Ivory) | Group Gift | Join free group


Single Poses | Foxcity | Loco / Lippy / Melancholy


Background | TROMPE LOEIL | Margaux Photo Backdrop  | Fameshed | Feb 1 – 25th, 2018
(comes with poses, not shown)

2 thoughts on “Let me help you with that!

  1. Awww awesome thank you for including my comment and i hope it helps not only you but your readers as well. i love the outfit and I am going to pick it up for myself hehe.

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