Where will his door open?

A changing life.

When one door closes, one door opens.
What a way to take this quote, huh?

I had actually sent this to my whole friends list in SL but, it would not fit, so I figured I would share it here instead, since most of you are on my contact list, or are a fan of my blog, which means anything affecting me, is going to affect my blog… therefore, you all should be included in on this.

So, here we go..

Hi, guys and gals.. Sorry for the mass message, I just wanted to get this out to everyone in one shot, and I figured there would be enough people online right now, so… I would let you know now..

babble, babble.

I do not know how many of you knew but my RL dad (in law but, still the only father I have ever had in RL*other than one person, they know who they are*) has been struggling this past year, after losing his fight with cancer approx 5+ yrs ago (he was diagnosed 5+ yrs ago, and began his struggle. Losing it means, no treatments worked anymore.), as well as a rare nerve condition developed from mono, and a heart condition (the same one I have but more advanced). Anyway, he was struggling, and this past week he was taken to the hospital after his blood transfusion failed to raise his blood cells, and while there, he received another, and there was talk of him coming home… and then, he ended up with a fever, and slipping into a “waking coma”, basically, he was there, but not present.

He couldn’t talk. Nor eat… He made it through Xmas before that happen, so at least he had a nice(ish) Xmas, and then new years day, night, Jan 1st, 2018 he passed away in his sleep. Momma was beside him, sleeping in a cot, they had to wake her up to tell her he was gone.

I am sorry to everyone, if over the past few weeks I have been out of character, please understand my family and I have been suffering along with dad.

Part of me is angry and sad that he is gone. That he will not see his grand-children’s weddings, or graduations, or great-grandchildren… but, the rational side of me… understands that he was in so much pain. And he fought for so long. I am glad that he has rest now. And that our family, especially momma, can begin to heal. Now begins the time of trying to keep my family together and happy.

I am sorry for the future if I am slow to blog, or slow to get back to my “old self”.. please do not take it personally if I am terse, or moody. I am just processing all of this. There is much more I could write here but, I am just too tired. And sad. And confused as to why I am even online… other than I was tired of being in bed. I am sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye. I am still sick, and not really showing signs of getting better atm.. so I didn’t get to go to the hospital but, my children did. So, I am happy about that.

Anyway, sorry again for the mass message. I know how much some of you hate these. Hell, I get moody with them sometimes too.. but, please forgive me. xx

Our family is not having a “funeral” as that is not something he wanted but, thank you to the people that understand that the coming weeks may be difficult for us, and we all appreciate the well wishes.

To dad.. I honestly do not know what to say other than, I hope you are no longer in pain, and that you are in a safe, and warm embrace now. And I am sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye.

(I do not own the photo above, I did a search on google for funeral flowers, and this was the most beautiful, and the one I could see for dad. xo)

3 thoughts on “Where will his door open?

  1. Having lost my father when I was in my 20’s can understand the emotion of losing especially a father ~ truly sorry for the loss you are going through and know that even if you were not right there at that moment to say goodbye this dedication I think he will know ~ hugzz and again am sorry for your loss ♥

  2. My sister died of cancer in 2011. Probably for me it was the biggest shock in life. Because she was so young … And she died on my hands. And with each of her last breaths, I felt like a part of me was leaving. So many years have passed, but I can not forget that day. her eyes … full of pain … full of fear … And if I could turn back time …

    I condole

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