The gentleman definitely didn’t prefer a redhead!

The Redlight District Player

Now that I have your attention, the first matter of business.
I formally state I withdraw any support that I showed towards the Backdrop City owner.

The reasons have been laid out in a status post on my facebook, which includes a Gyazo snap of the response by the BDC owner, regarding my video. I will leave my video up for people to view, for reference.
(Since she removed it after I replied to the comments, and accusation she made.)

Thank you for understanding. If you do not understand, please feel free to write a notecard to me, and I will reply as soon as I am able.

One thing I will ask is that you no longer tag me on any of their photos. I am no longer interested. And would like to be left alone where this project is concerned.

I wish the owner of the sim no ill will, and I will ask that my loyal readers do not take it upon themselves to speak to this person. I will ask that you make your own decision about the topic and to not share it with me anymore.

Please, understand that the focus of my enery must be my real life family crisis’ and my blog, and that is all at this time. And even my blog may suffer.

And lastly, here is your photo information.

All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Random personal shape from my store

Head | CATWA | Uma | New Release

Body | Maitreya | Body – Lara V4.1

Eyes | Catwa | Mesh Eyes

Hair | Sintiklia |  Marsella | eBENTO | December 2017

Tattoo | -Endless Pain Tattoos- | Quinnlan | Applique | December 2017

Nail Polish | Hello Dave | Dainty Doll Gold – 19 | The Darkness | December 5th, 2017


Outfit | *dafnis | fat pack ciber dress leti | New Release

Shoes | [Gos]  | Boutique | Skull Chain Sandals – Black


Piercings | :: SAGA :: | Wonderland Jewel Set w.HUD/Silver | Kustom9 | december 2017


Prop | KraftWork + HERA | Reeperbahn Scene Building (ANIMATED) | Kinky | December 2017

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