Popular or Unpopular Opinion, that is the question.

Xmas Photo to accompany video

Alright, so we have all heard of the Backdrop City madness by now.

And if you have not, well… congrats!

At first, I will admit, that I didn’t understand what the issue was. I thought, as many others, that Astralia (the person that appears to to have been the first to bring this all to our attentions in the first place), may have been overreacting to the situation, however, as of last night, I gained better insight, thanks to Oob & Nod of Pocket Gacha & Kraftwerk.

I will be the first to admit, that when there is tons, upon tons of writing, then yes, my mind wanders, and I start to wonder if there is an ending to the mystery, so I admit that when I first read what Astralia found upsetting, I was at a loss.

First and foremost, I need to mention that it was MY fault that Oobleck started to speak on voice.

I have seen people complaining about it, and I want to make it clear, he did not do that out of the blue. I asked him to explain on voice. So if you are all going to be upset at someone for that, blame me.

When I visited the Backdrop City sim, and I want people to understand, I did this so I would be able to make an educated assessment on my own, I honestly, didn’t see anything wrong with it… that is until the owner of Pocket Gacha, Oobleck Allagash  came to the sim to share his opinions, and which, lucky for me, I was there at the same time.

With his help, I was able to see from the point of view of the creators, and to possibly help the owner of the sim to come up with a compromise.

As I was saying

(backdrop above by Kaiden Trill, “Secret Litty Brickway“)

I have included a video with all my opinions in it, as well as a clip of me exploring the sim, so that I could share it with you all.

I found out after the fact that there have been more…. reactions to this issue, and honestly, I am not going to comment on that stuff. Mainly because, as you know, I am not feeling 100% and I honestly think that I have shared my thoughts and that is all I needed to do.

I offered my opinion as a long time blogger, as well as a creator in Second Life. I thought that if I could share my experience there, then maybe I could help. We shall see how things go.

I really hope that Mia takes the suggestions that were given, and maybe improves the sim a bit more.

Now, I do NOT know the owner of Backdrop City. Until last night, this person was just another face in the crowd that is Second Life.

My impression of her is this.

She does not seem like a mean-spirited person. I think that possibly she takes things too literally, and reacts accordingly. To be fair, however, I can see how overwhelmed she must feel to have people bombarding her sim, with negative feedback, and rudeness.

One more thing before I leave, and go cuddle with my stalker bear, and drink my 12th cup of broth…

The creators are concerned that this place is going to cause them to lose business… but, judging by what I witnessed first hand, I do not think that it will be the sim that causes that.

I witnessed a few other people showing up, making snide comments, and threatening the sim owner…

If anyone is breaking the TOS of second life, it is those people that thought it was appropriate to do such things, and it’s THOSE people that will lose sales because of their behavior.
Especially if there are customers, acting on behalf of the creators.

I think, that the creators, should ask their customers, NOT to harass the owner of the sim.

This would protect both parties.

Anyway.. I hope I have expressed myself correctly, as many of you know, I have trouble with this.

Please, if you are confused by something I have said, do not get volatile, just ask in the comments section, and I will reply as soon as RL allows.

Happy Holidays.

Ps.. To Astralia, Oobleck, and Nodnol.

Keeps up the great work. And ty to Nod and Oob for making Astralia’s plight more understanding. xx

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6 thoughts on “Popular or Unpopular Opinion, that is the question.

  1. On your video it says comments disabled due to threats. Anyone threatening you over an opinion need to learn to adult. This whol situation is blown way over proportion and makes me want to just ignore SL as it is. I’m already seeing so much drama, hate, abuse going on lately it’s ridiculous. I am sorry there are so many horrible people behaving like junior high students, no one should be threatening you with anything. They need to grow up and learn to be adults. It’s insane.

    Backdrop/photo sims have existed for ages. If I see creators doing this to others, I’ll have nothing to do with them. I don’t condone abuse by business in real life, I won’t condone it on Second Life.

    Good video, good blog 🙂 Still, I’m sorry that people have to be so ugly.. unfortunately this is our society these days.

    1. Thank you. It was caused by a photo that was posted as a “response” to my video from the owner of the sim. I do not know if she purposely thought that adding the response would make people gang up on me but, it’s what happened. So, I washed my hands of the situation, removed my support, and backed off.
      She has since removed the photo, so she knows it was wrong but, in the end, hindsight is 20/20.
      We all make mistakes, and in her case, had she just come to me and spoken to me, even after the damage was done, and apologized, I may have been able to accept it, and keep on trying to help her but, she still hasn’t so… no point in trying anymore.

      Thank you for the comment, and visiting my blog. Happy new year.

      1. These days, apologies doesn’t make things better when others will continue. An apology wouldn’t stop what’s already been done and what may stll continue to happen from others. It’s kind of how things are these days with most people. Just keep moving on like you have and don’t let anyone get to you over it.. or even respond to them. I’ve learned to have to do that on SL especially, eventually they will bore of it and stop trying to make things worse.

        Happy New Year to you too

  2. Not sure am understanding this whole thing and actually until Nod informed bloggers of this I truly was unaware of all this ~ thank you for your thoughts on this ~ good blog post

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