My 2017 Halloween Experience!

My 2017 Halloween Experience!


Halloween is OVER!
How many of you will miss it? I know I personally, will.

Halloween has always been a favorite day for me but, of course, it’s not for everyone.

I was so afraid I would miss SL’s Halloween event, Havenhollow. However, I did get a chance to visit.. thank goodness!

This was Havenhollow 4! Man, I have been to all of them, and I still have the buckets to show for it. Yes… I am a hoarder.

Anyway, this is a short video of my trick or treating!

Another thing to mention, other than Havenhollow would be, as my readers know, I opened up our home, for visitors! I wanted to share my little Halloween layout, and I did have some visitors!
You can read about my invitation here.
I have decided to leave it open til the 3rd. For those of you that missed the announcement. However, there is no actual cutoff “time”… Basically, when I log on, on the 3rd, I will close it all up, and unless you are on the access list, or in our family group, you will not have access again… until I go crazy, and invite people over to play again! hehe.

And last but, not least.
One of my visitors took some awesome photos… and I would like to share them with you.

Violet, is also a blogger.. so, I am going to share the photos with you, and also all her information.

Remember, if you come by and take some photos, remember to tag me, and I will add them here, with your blogging info, if you are a blogger. Or if you are a creator, I will add your store info.

Thank you again, Violet! You made it totally feel worth, actually putting this together!

Star Cross Sim Photos by Blogger: Violet Daffordil

Blog: Fashion Status

Violet Daffordil Flickr

I do not think that Haven Hollow is still open.. however, if you would like to take a chance and go see, here is the limo.

And… since I always share what I am wearing.. here is that info as well!

Costume | Ohmai Emporium |  Elf (Dipsy) | A free gift, in 2013.
– The stores are all closed. Boo, I say we stalk her til she reopens! :p

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