I wanna see you all on your knees

I wanna see you all on your knees

Alrighty, folks!

First, I wanted to thank both Starr & Todd for giving me that small ounce of energy to finish my blogging today.
I know it seems odd to some but, just a small amount of kindness to someone, can change their whole day… or in my case, give me that boost in my self esteem to get something done.
Thanks to Starr for posting on her timeline, that ultimately introduced me to another “sl family member”, hehe. Well, one of her nephews, and a new friend for me, Todd…
And to Todd for jibing with me, and adding me as a friend. Like I said, it can be a huge thing or a small thing but, just chatting with someone can be awesome.

And now for my post lol.

I always try to make Sundays a day to share some freebies along with my normal post and I don’t think I have been living up to that lately so, with that in mind, I am going to share a few freebies I picked up today!

Along with my other items I wanted to blog today. Sort of a mixed post for you all.

I wanna see you all on your knees3

First off, I headed over to *Coco* designs and picked up my sweater! There are so many gifts there, you could drown in them!
The group is free to join, and then all you need to do is click the sign of the gift you would like.
I would like to mention, there are two other stores owned by the creator, and they also have free groups and free gifts for you all.
There is also a free avatar! A kid avatar to be exact. When you go into the store, turn left (I believe it’s left, lol) and on the wall is a body, and two heads! Well, two in one gift! 0L so no need to join the group but, it is so worth it!

I wanna see you all on your knees

Next gift, or rather the next set of gifts are from a store called, POUT!. The lashes I am wearing are called Basic Lashes, and the shadow I am wearing is called Stellar… Now, I wanted to wear another version that included really awesome stars on the cheekbone but, I wasn’t able because I am also wearing something from, Zombie Suicide for the Underdog Event… a nosebleed that came off when I wore the stars version, so you are stuck with checking out the shadow only!

Another freebie that is shown would be my eyes! These are Demon eyes available from, Sessions Skins! The group is free to join, and there are several other gifts as well. Both for Lelutka & Catwa heads.

One more freebie, that I should of course mention, would be this awesome Halloween pose prop I am using!
It is from, Come Soon Poses and is a free group gift, with no fee to join!
The pose is modifiable, and come with a full scene as well as the ability to just use the pose and prop with another background if you wish!

Alrighty, time to get this posted, and then go play some World of Warcraft while I am waiting for my tablet to charge!

If there is something that you would like me to blog, let me know, and if I can afford it, I will go out and grab it!

Please read the note included at the end of the description for information about my shape store. Thanks!

All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | “Name this Shape” | coming soon – Please read note at the end of this post.

Head | CATWA | Magy | New  release

Moles | Le Forme | Beauty Moles

Eyebrows | TheSkinnery | Dune

Skin | Essences | Rachel | Shiny Shabby | October 2017

Shadow | [POUT!] | Stellar -CATWA | Group Gift | Free to Join

Lashes | [POUT!] | Basic  – CATWA | Group Gift | Free to Join

Eyes | [ session ] | Demon | Group Gift | Free to Join

Hair | Exile | Full Circle – All or Nothing | collabor88 | October 2017

Ears | Swallow | Pixie – High Definition

Body | Maitreya | Lara


Top | *COCO* | HalloweenGift_OversizedSweatshirt | Group Gift | Free to Join

Tights | TABOU. | Khloe legging – White&Balck | Shiny Shabby | October 2017

Shoes | Glamistry | EDELWEISS Heels [PF1034]


Necklace | .::Supernatural::. | Kayla Set Silver | Shiny Shabby | October 2017


Pose | *Come Soon* | Freak Night | Group Gift | Free to Join

Note about my shapes.
Please understand that due to RL constraints, I do not have much time for posting blog posts AND MP items. I post as I have time. For now, my rl takes precedence, and then my blog. 
And honestly, when he has time, if my partner can be online, or my family, or maybe a friend, I would rather hang with them after my work, than post to MP because like I said, I rarely get time to be online. I hope you understand.

Thank you for commenting!

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