Once upon a time, I saw a beautiful house.

Onsu Cucumber House

I was curious to see if there was anything new over at, Onsu and I saw the Cucumber House, and even though, at this time, I am not able to pick it up for myself, I thought that maybe, you all may like to have a small peek at it.

Sure, I could have taken better photos… actually, I did. However, I wanted to give you teaser shots, to encourage you to come by and have a look around.

Just click the “demo” sign above the photo, and it will tp you to the house.

It has awesome space and is only 153Li.
There are so many options already to this house but, you have the ability to purchase add-ons, that will give you even more options.

Definitely worth the trip!

See you there! Maybe… Never know what else I may be coveting.

Onsu Mainstore Limo

Oops!! I forgot to add the new release which, if I were to be honest… and sickenly so, I always am… This skybox makes me rethink living on the ground!

It has perfect space!


I would live here.

I honestly do not know which one is best… they are both so amazing!

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