Weddings at night, can be just as romantic

Night time Wedding

I know it’s not “traditional” but, seriously… when have I ever been “traditional”?

I have had this set up at our sim for a few days, and I have shared photos of it with folks all over social media but, I wanted to post it here as well.

Since all my photos are done in the “am”, I thought some evening, night time photos would be nice!

I only used windlight settings and a framing… No other edits have been made. No extra lighting, no extra sharpener. What you see is what you get.
Of course, you could always click here, if you would like to see the creators “vision” for this set as well.

Sorry for the mass posting today.
I have done it this way so I may take a couple days off, as I am still in a lot of pain, and so very tired.
Wish me luck!

Decor Item

Set | Aphrodite | Tropical Dream Wedding Ceremony Set

2 thoughts on “Weddings at night, can be just as romantic

  1. Very nice and I thought oooh is someone getting married soon ~ baby crib, wedding hmm are you throwing out hints LOL ~ good post always !

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