Fit for a little Princess!

Aphrodite Baby Princess Nursery

I wanted to get this posted asap because, this set is available at the Thimble event, which ends on the 10th!
I didn’t realize that there was something that needed to be blogged so soon since I am a new blogger with Aphrodite.

Now, I am dedicating this post to my sister, Sayurii whom just had a baby in sl. Now, I do not know what gender it is but, come on… how can you not think of babies, and baby furniture when you hear something like that?

Grats to my sis! I hope this experience makes you super happy. xo

Quick note:
There is a rug that also goes along with the set but, for some reason, the textures would not load for us. No worries though, you can see the completed set at this lovely link right here!

Featured Item

Room Set | Aphrodite | Baby Princess nursery | Thimble | until October 10th, 2017

Items Not included in set

Child | Mutresse | Caught-Just Kids | gacha

Puppies | Mutresse | Dalmatian Puppies | Beggar / Stick | gacha

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