A world of shoe insanity!

Shoe Insanity

I have an extra stalk supply of energy today for some reason, and because of that energy, I will be doing a couple vlogs today. One unboxing, and one male mesh head review. Tomorrow, I will likely be doing, two head reviews.
So! While I was setting up for my unboxing video, I came across some heels I had in my inventory, that I had been meaning to blog, and I got it in my head to blog a few different designers, while I am setting up for the video!
What I am going to do is, I will share the photo, and under the photo, I will add the info, along with the URL. Sound good? I hope so! Enjoy!
So, here we go!

Shoe Insanity
Apple May Designs – Sophisticated Heels – Black Fair -October 6th to 21st, 2017

Shoe InsanityCandyDoll – Jacinda Heels – Light / Dark Colors – Fameshed – October 1th to 27st, 2017

Shoe Insanity
Glamistry – ERANTHIS Heels [PF1015]

Now, once I am finished setting up for my unboxing video, I am going to take a small break because, well, let’s face it. Even with extra energy, I do not want to burn out, and then not be able to do the things I would like to do.

I promise I shall return in a few hours, and get these awesome videos done!

For now, I hope you have enjoyed this random blog post, and I hope that you will tune in, and check out the coming posts.


Poses Used for this post were all  poses from,
oOo Studio Poses

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