McChris Flanagan Hurricane Disaster Fund

McChris Flanagan

Personal Note, with info following.

I first met McChris  Flanagan at Hard Alley, while I was attending a Halloween party that my friend, Hard Rust was holding, and my Aunt Moonie was Djing, I believe she was.. lol..

It’s been several years, and although our meeting was awkward to say the least.. seriously, click this link, and you will see what I mean.. haha.. I had known him on flickr longer but, this was an interesting first meeting.
McChris has always been a really amazingly sweet guy to me.
Always available to make me laugh, and although we do not chat every single day, he is always there with a joke, and ready to kid around.

So, when Jolene Carami asked if I would be interested in blogging an event to help him out from the recent disaster caused by hurricane Ima, I agreed straight away.

I may not be able to help in many ways, but I will do anything I can… and so I am sharing this info with you.

If you are a designer, blogger or a shopper.. please take a look at this, and if you can, please help him out..

You will never find a more deserving person.

Please click the following link for all your information.

McChris Flanagan
Hurricane Disaster Fund Info

I really hope that you will come and help out!
I will be sharing tons of info from now, til the event, so make sure you tune in.

Sending out tons of hugs, smooches, and kinky pinches to our friend, McChris!

Chris’ Hurricane Disaster Fund


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