Store Owner Sims/Decor – Belle Epoque

Store Owner Sims/Decor - Belle Epoque

Sometimes, to relax, I explore sims and take photos of all the amazing decor / landscaping ideas out in the SL world..

For that reason, I have decided to start a mini series on my blog for places I visit.. It could be a store, as such in this post.. or it could be just a random sim that I found attractive.

Store Owner Sims/Decor - Belle Epoque

There will not always be words but, I thought for this post, being that it is the first in who know how many that will follow.. and the reasoning behind why I ended up here in the first place, I thought I would add a few things, and then … see where it takes us.

The store in this post is, Belle Epoque.

I came to this store today because, it is Janire’s birthday and she is celebrating by having a 10L hunt at her store. How awesome is it when a creator gives us gifts, when it is them that should have the presents?

Store Owner Sims/Decor - Belle Epoque

I landed here, and as I began to do the hunt, I happened to notice how utterly beautiful the sim or, surrounding landscape is.. so, I have decided to share it with you.

I will do my best to let you know what things are.. but, I am not going to label it all.. ie: latter, fox, etc…and I will not go insane trying to find the actual name of each store. If it is in the item name, great.. if not.. well, at least you will have the URL.  I will just post the items below by the name of the item, and the url where it appears to be from.

A special note to Janire.. I hope you have the best birthday ever..
You have always been a very sweet and amazing person to me.. and in a virtual world like Second Life, where everyone is bombarded by each other’s personalities… it is a rare find to meet someone that is just, sweet.. without reason.

Thank you for being a part of Second Life.

All Janire’s info.

Belle Epoque Marketplace


Second Life Profile

Facebook Profile

A link to my previous post on her birthday hunt.

For anyone reading this.. no, she and I have not had the pleasure of meeting “face to face”, and we are not besties.. we do not know each other, other than maybe flickr followers, and a customer to a creator.. but, that doesn’t mean that I should not point out what a great person she is.
And you should as well. Always remember that, creators in Second Life.. have real lives too.. and they take time away from that, to make you feel special.. so, I think it is important that we all take time out of our lives, and show them appreciation.

And now, here is all the info I was able to cover for you, my readers.

Photo 1

Hayabusa Design trunk M1-1 Composite v1-1 T1 (URL)

LAQ Decor ~ Medium Birch (Summer) – Animated (URL)

*ionic* back home furniture – suitcase seat & guitar (URL)

*ionic* Zorrito Durmiendo (URL)

*ionic* Recycled wall art(URL)

[we’re CLOSED] grass field green 03 – round (URL)

Rock_Floor/Wall_A (URL)

RockWall LongStraight(Mossy) (URL)

SPELL : Healing Crystals {copper} (URL)

-tb- Bon Voyage – Stacked Suitcases (URL)

:K: Mesh Long Ladder (URL)

Photo 2

[we’re CLOSED] grass field green 03 – round (URL)

[noctis] garden crates #3 empty (URL)

*ionic* Books for awake (URL)

05_8f8 – New Beginnings – The Gate (URL)

Hayabusa Design Birch on Wind M4b F1eWT tm260 (URL)

Vintage Advert Bike – Cream (URL)

*ionic* Piled Messy Chairs (URL)

[we’re CLOSED] power poles V2 (URL)

Hayabusa Design – Square Field of White Flower M5 v1-2 T315 (URL)

DC Designs – Reef 04 (URL)

Photo 3

ionic – Vintage dress mannequin # silver (URL)

tcf plants (made by Pupito Helstein)

Compulsion Manor House (URL)


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