A little bit of home &… well home.


The build above is a part of the, August round of Builder’s Box. A subscription box service.

NY Basement Loft is 12×23 with working doors, a backyard with a city residential block background. The fireplace, and candle are all included. This build is 172 prims.

I knew I forgot to blog something this month.. has that ever happened to you? In rl, or sl?
You know you have something to do.. and no matter how much you rack your brain, you just cannot remember what it was… well.. this was one of mine.. this and this one here..


This one is available at, SaNaRae.. and you only have until August 17th to pick it up.. if you are anything like me with shopping, I am sure that is still plenty of time to sweep in and grab it..

The bar has two “bartender” poses, and the chair has I believe, 6 poses.. don’t quote me on that but, I do believe that is correct.. it’s either 4 or 6… either way, it’s all a perfect edition to any living room, basement or if you want, you could even nix the wall, and add it to any beach scene.. let your imagination guide you!

I am hoping to use the basement loft in more blog posts to come, where I will hopefully have time to dress it all up..

Honestly, in my basement, there is just an old mattress that the kids use to jump on.. The springs are crazy.. you hit that mattress and you fly a few inches up.. and to a bunch of kids, that is heaven..

Oh and there is a crazy fridge that freezes… everything.

I am going to give you a few LM’s here…

Kraftwork Mainstore

Builder’s Box Headquarters


I hope that you like these photos, and hurry on over to the corresponding LM’s and pick them up..

For now, I think it is time for me to go and work on my Priest in wow… wish me luck!


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