Another piece of our home.

Another piece of our home.

I wanted to share this cute Tree house that I was lucky enough to win at, Epiphany by Cheeky Pea… This is the Rare, and wow.. I just about peed my pants when I got it!

You can see this photo in a larger size here.

One cool thing about Cheeky Pea gacha’s is that you can trade them into Isla for the copy versions by following instructions on her website here. 

You can imagine that, now knowing I can do this, poor Isla is going to get an influx of swaps from me….since, if you have ever read my decor posts, I almost always have something from Cheeky Pea included! So… you can imagine my gacha folder for Cheeky Pea.. haha

The sofa was a gift that, Isla sent me the other day, so I decided to put them together on our sim because, I think it compliments it perfectly.

The sofa, named Wander, comes with 11 single poses, 22 couple poses, 3 sitter options and is adjustable.

Thank you to, Isla for the nice gift.

I totally meant to have this posted, yesterday… which means you all get a bonus post this week.. but, I had to take a break with this heatwave.. I cannot wait til Fall… the colors, the fresh breathable air… the break from the sweltering heat.. sigh.. I can dream til then..

Just a reminder, I am trying to do a post every other day, just to be able to give my body, and mind time to relax. Mainly so I do not get overwhelmed with SL blogging.. Occasionally, I will post the next day after a post.. like I just did but, I will be challenging myself to try and stick by my every other day rule… wish me luck. I am a blogging addict… haha.

Anyway.. time to share all my decor goodness with you…

All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

Tree House | Cheeky Pea | Isobel Summer Treehouse RARE | Epiphany | July 2017 | Runs til  August 15th

Sofa | Cheeky Pea | Wander Sofa (PG) Dark | Epiphany | July 2017 | Runs til  August 15th

Arches |  Cheeky Pea | Willow Creek

Lantern | Cheeky Pea | Isobel Summer Lantern Gold

House | +CONVAIR+ | Mapleton House v1.2

Trees |  Little Branch | RedElder.v2

Grass (closest) | Studio Skye | Wild Grass Type 4 dark green

Grass (background) | [we’re CLOSED] | grass field lush

Road | HPMD* | Dirt Road – brown

Cliff | inVerse | Cliff screen #2 *mesh* bxd


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