Long awaited, MALE new release!!

So Hawt SL Shapes - Christopher

I am SO sorry… I honestly thought I had already released this but, nope!

A youtube viewer of mine, commented on a video, asking when I would release Christopher… and honestly, I thought I did when Belleza released this male mesh body… but, I guess… well I know now, that I didn’t…

I am really sorry for the delay… I guess that explains why no one has been demoing it LOL…

This shape is a more mature, adult male.. unlike my previous releases, where they were more youthful, and teen like.

Please remember, this is for the Catwa BENTO heads, and MESH Bodies… I have tested it with Belleza, and Signature.. I am sure you can wear it with all bodies, with minor tweaks.. however, without a mesh body, it will likely look massively messed up lol.

The demo for the shape, is for the facial reference only. The body will look as it does in the photo, as with all my shapes.

Again, sorry.. oops.

Styling info is included in the styling card!

So Hawt SL – Shapes


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