Retro Activity!

Retro Active

So, yesterday, you all witnessed my derpdy-derp moment, where I could not for the life of me, figure out what was wrong with my photoshop.
I had been having that issue for.. well, a couple weeks, ever since my old monitor crapped out on me..
And it took, Rad.. 5 seconds to figure it out.
A complete and utter DUH moment on my end..
It would appear that because my old monitor was a wide screen, my settings had the window pushed way to the right side of my screen… if you watch the video, now that it has been pointed out to me… you will see it..
I wish I had gotten the message before I cracked, and deleted my settings and started from scratch.. then ran into another issue that took a while to fix…
Thank you, Rad for helping out.. As I said, I will keep this info for the next time my weird head flips out. Hahaha..

Retro Activity

This rather interesting ensemble here, if a mix of items from the, Rewind Event happening now, as well as a New Release from, Belleza and Collabor88 and Chapter Four! Also, since I just received these awesome shoes from, you need to run and grab them from, Uber!

I should make a note that the choker is not resizable, and is no mod.. which made it very hard to wear.. but, if you have a pretty thin neck, it should be Ok.. I needed to tell you this because, I did use photoshop to edit it to fit.

Suffice to say, I think I did pretty darn awesome with this outfit.

(warning, advice for bloggers, new and old coming up. skip to the end if you do not wish to read this.) 

And for all you bloggers out there…

Where the Retro Event is concerned, I only blog for TWO of the stores..  Miss Chelsea & The Skinnery.
This is something I always stress to bloggers that I sometimes tutor (maybe the wrong word.. give advice too?)
ALWAYS, combine items that you have personally purchased, as well as items that you are gifted by store owners.
This shows that you are not blogging for “hand outs”… and it shows support to other creators as well.

I love blogging, and sure, lately due to real life pressures, and don’t say you never get them because, we all do, I have been a tad overwhelmed but, I keep going because, this is something I love to do.. but, lately I have been seeing some really scary horror stories.
I am not perfect. I am human, and I complain when I am upset but, to see some people causing an insane amount of drama over blogging, is pretty crazy.

Yes, no need to go and blast me for the time I lost my sh** over a blogging group, where I named the puppy so to speak but, if you followed back then, I was 99% in the right (1% was my lax in judgement, by going social media about it).. and I did not attack the person, group, store, or event.. If anything, I encouraged people to attend…
That is nothing like what I have been seeing lately..

My advice, to all bloggers.. Don’t cause so much drama that, A: there is no coming back from it.. and B: Don’t publically have it “out” with, or about someone you are griefing with..
All this does is give them the upper hand in showing how immature you are, and gains them sympathy. And I am guessing that since you are so upset, this is not something you want.
If you need support, or advice, simply say.. “I am having an issue with… ” or “I am unhappy with blogging because….”..
Never name names publically. Go to private chat if you need the extra ear, or ears.

Anyway, that is just my advice, opinion, and experience.. I hope that it will help new bloggers out there.
And ultimately, the store owners as well.

I apologize if I have upset anyone with this “advice”.

Feel free to express your thoughts, opinions, and advice below.

All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

I blogged random things that I liked over the past month…. or so.. lol

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  ~To Be Named~ | Coming Soon

Head | LeLutka | CHLOE

Body | Belleza | Isis

Eyes | [theSkinnery] | Don’t Speak Eye Collection  | Retro Event | May 2017

Nail Polish | {ZOZ} |  LuLu | Chapter Four | May 2017

Skin | -Belleza- | Erin | New Release

Hair | Tableau Vivant |  Undercut – side swept | Collabor88 | May 2017

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Shiny Elf


Top | .miss chelsea. | Lisa – Swirly | Retro Event | May 2017

Skirt | .miss chelsea.| Lisa – Charcoal | Retro Event | May 2017

Shoes | fri. | Ziggy T-Straps – 24.7 Pack | Uber | April 2017


Necklace | ERSCH | Plastic Treasures Gacha 05 Q Choker Blue | Retro Event | May 2017

Earrings | ERSCH | Plastic Treasures Gacha 16 Large Earrings Mint | Retro Event | May 2017

Bracelet 1 | *katat0nik* | (purple bunny) Bungee Bracelet | Retro Event | May 2017

Bracelet 2 | MINIMAL | 80s Ashley Bracelet -Green- | Retro Event | May 2017

Buttons | e.marie | 80s Button Pin – chill pill / Rad / Smiley | Retro Event | May 2017

Glasses | DISORDERLY&MoonAmore | 80s Party Time / Sunglasses / Green | Retro Event | May 2017


Pose | Imeka | Various

Background | Astralia | Vintage backgrounds – (Throne of awesome) | Retro Event | May 2017


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