I love freebies.. it’s even better when it’s HAIR!

I love free hair how about you

I always try to share some freebies in my posts, and I have been meaning to share the Little Bones’ freebies but, I keep getting side tracked, and forgetting but, I remembered tonight, so here we are!

I managed to get 5 styles free, however.. there is a possibility that a couple of them were suppose to be for group only.. Idk.. but, either way, these are the hairs.. and they are gorgeous!
Perfect for new residents, as well as older!

Free Hair LOVE IT

You can click here, and see them in a larger view.

There are several sizes,  varying between s/m/l or, same sizes with a Lelutka or Fiore sizing.. And there are different colored huds.

If you would like the info on my overall look, you can check my last post.. all info is there, other than the hair of course, since I am sharing this with you now…

An Alternative Way

When looking for the free hairs at, Little Bones.. you go into the main entrance, and the first freebie is on the desk, for 0L.. then facing the desk, you turn right, and the freebies are on the wall just inside the entrance to the room.

Just hover your mouse over them, and buy..
There is a fee to join the group, for the other hairs however, I am not sure the price… I am sure it is worth it though…

And now for your limousine!

Little Bones

3 thoughts on “I love freebies.. it’s even better when it’s HAIR!

    1. Actually, THESE hairs, as I stated, are ZERO lindens. I did not join any group. I believe that I mentioned there IS a paid group, however.. these you can pick up for Zero. Or at the time of the post you could.

      Here is the proof that I did in fact mention this.

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