MAN! I feel like…

Hiding behind my fingers

I would like to thank, Glamsoglamour Resident, owner of Tabou for taking my mind out of the hell it was in today… I had a really crappy afternoon, and one look at her profile and my mood shifted.
I know people make a huge deal about folks getting “turned on” or, attracted, to avatars but, since we are all a part of a virtual world, this is the “norm” for us, and Glamsoglamour’s  avatar is so HAWT!
Like.. R A W R !

I also had the help of my lonnnng time friend Matt aka Max, and newer Mike to thank too.. poor guys had to listen to the end of my massive melt down, and now they hear me hitting on, Glamsoglamour and I am sure they are getting a kick out of it.

No worries Tiseral, it’s all in fun…but, seriously.. check this chick out…. I promise if you ever find a hot AF guy avatar in SL, and you wanna hit on him, I will not be angry…


Seriously.. here she is.. Now, keep in mind, she owns this photo, and I have her permission to use it so, I had to show you all what got my… FULL attention.. man, if I was a man, I would be full on tenting it right now….. Yeah, I said it.. LOL.

If you want to know more about this lovely lady.. here is all her info!!

Tabou Store 

Tabou Flickr

Tabou Marketplace

Tabou Facebook

Tabou Blog
Here is something cool she made for, We Love Roleplay!

Another Day Another Post

Hehe.. I just realized, I have been going on and on and on about this lovely lady… and man, I have other posts to do but, can you really blame me?

She is so awesome.
Every conversation I have with her, be it about blogging, or just random stuff, like today.. I am always left smiling, and gigglesnort cracking up…
And today, was awesome. Trust me.. I was in a dark place, worried about my children… and now, I am so much better with the help of these three people.

Thanks to you all.

Ok, time for your shopping list!

All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

I blogged random things that I liked over the past month…. or so.. lol

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  Dianna | New Release

Head | Catwa | Lona
my personal favorirte all time by catwa!!!! wtg sweetie!

Eyes | {S0NG} | Lexi~ Aqua | Cosmetic Fair | April 2017

Skins  | Glam Affair | Lucille –  Jamaica | Uber | April 2017

Nailpolish | {ZOZ} | Blossom Polish | Cosmopolitan – April 2RD – May 6TH

Tattoo | Letis |  Ema Sleeve :: H17002 :: | New release

Body | Maitreya | Lara

Hair | :::Phoenix::: | Adriana

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Shiny Elf


Outfit | TABOU. | Wrap my Body Set – Black| We Love Roleplay | April 2017

Shoes | Glamistry | ANEMUNA  [PF1006]


Pose |  . Infiniti . | Hands


Kraftworks & Big Bully |  PhotoBox | Past Powder Pack
– I saw this in their blogotex, and I am new to it, so I took it.. hehe.. I wanted to blog it. I will do better pics of it another day but, I LOVE IT!


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