Taking a small trip to the, Fantasy Faire!

Fantasy Faire Sim Exploring

I did my best but, for some reason, I kept crashing, or being forcibly logged out.. My pc is a pain in my tush, haha.. but, I think these sims I managed to stay long enough to grab some photos, will entice you to come check out the rest..
And do not worry.. I will try to get more photos as time goes on.

This sim scared the hell out of me… if you know me.. then you know why..

Fantasy Faire Sim Exploring

One of my favs next.

Fantasy Faire Sim Exploring

And the last sim, I took the time to sit and rez!

Fantasy Faire Sim Exploring

Now you should keep in mind, these are only partial photos.. the sims have so much more to them, so make sure you check them all out!

Not perfect sizes on the photos but, meh..

Here is your limo!!

Fantasy Faire 2017!

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