Draftsman April, complete with video!

Draftsman April with Video!

Hey folks! I wanted to have this posted yesterday but,  some of us bloggers got all confused, and turned sideways! No worries though, if you follow my youtube, you like have already seen this video since it was posted yesterday, and if you have not, here is your chance!

There have been some updates, and the sim looks pretty cool!
Although the video includes many of the builds I also took a few close ups for your viewing pleasure at my home!

And here are a few of the builds that are available at the event..
Thank you to the designers for providing us bloggers, packs to share with others!


A few available builds at Draftsman


A few available builds at Draftsman


A few available builds at Draftsman

So, that is it for now! I hope that you get a chance to check out the video that is included in this post!

And your teleport, as I am sure you are eager to see what else the event has to offer!


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