The house didn’t want me to leave

The house didn't want me to leave


I know many people are sensitive to suicide.. I am one of those people but, this is just my avatar, and I want to make it clear that I have no intention at this moment to go off myself in real life!
However, when it comes to my avatar, and my experiences in the, Sinister Slaughter game by, Madpea Productions… well… I give up!
The house obviously doesn’t want me to leave, so I made my peace with it, and my avie hung herself in the upstairs foyer between the bedrooms.

I got so confused… the mood ring that you can get in the gacha, at the start to the game, is suppose to light up when you are near psychic energies.. and I am positive there is something I am missing either in the girls room, or in the loo but, I cannot find it.. and I know I am missing something because, you cannot advance in the game until you find everything in each area.

The ring/hud kept changing in the general area of the doorway to the young lady’s room but, I swear I clicked everything.. I even tried to highlight everything, just in case there was something not rezzing for me… but, nope.. still nothing.
I was stuck there since last night when I met, Spencer Oskar for the first time.
We totally bonded over the knives in his back… haha.. but, he let me know that he also had been stuck in the house for many hours…. he did try to help me out but, I was so confused after many attempts, that I lost my memory of my progression, and well… sigh.. it’s now been over 10 hours, and I still cannot get out of the house.

Hence the suicide of my avatar, just thought I would add to the spirit of the game…. literally.

I wrote a suggestion on my facebook last night, and I will copy and paste it here, since I am really hoping that this will at least be considered.

“An improvement that I would suggest to the people at, MadPea Productions is to have an option on their huds to count down the clues.. so if a house has 5 clues, maybe have something that says, 3/5 etc..

Or a shadowy outline of the clue, or something like.. a hud that shows the clue that you just received, that way you are not constantly filling your viewer up with spam… Honestly, that is what drives me mental about games like this but, it’s bearable if there was a way to know how many clues you need to find, or at least some way to show that you have already found one..”

Now, I understand that this is not “hard” for some people but, for others it IS.. and I think maybe even the website where they show our achievements could also have a tab that shows out progression to just us..   would be awesome.. so we do not spend hours, constantly fainting… Trust me.. you will see what I am referring to soon enough if you play the game.

I also must suggest, due diligence,  if you have any form of seizure disorder, play this game with extreme caution!
I was unaware of the physic experiences, and not being prepared for it, caused me to have some issues with my epilepsy but, now that you have been warned, I hope that you take constant breaks, even just closing your eyes for a few mins, and taking nice, deep, slow, from the belly, breaths.




A little detective work

The game it’s self, is a lot of fun..
As a lady with law enforcement experience, I wasn’t able to help myself by attempting to find a connection.. and trust me.. between the three houses, I thought of many possibilities.. And yes, I was able to think of some that could connect each and every person… but, I do not think that is the point.. Technically, even though the outfit that you receive, shown above, is labeled “detective” in the box.. you are there as a visitor, a psychic .. So you job is to observe, and search for clues, and psychic energies… not to be the official detective haha..

With a few improvements, as stated above, this game would be awesome.. not that it isn’t now but, for us who lack the self awareness of a psychic, haha, this would be awesome with a couple improvements.
Also, it may be safer for people with seizure disorders, so they would know, not to touch the fainting again…. because, trust me.. once.. twice.. no problem i was able to handle it.. but, 12… heck no.

So! Are you going to dare to play the game?
You can read the info in my previous post.. it has all the info there.

For now, I am off to find something to hurl in.. the motion sickness hasn’t subsided, and I cannot find my, prochlorazine..

(I added that link after the fact because I know many of you out there, seem to think i am nuts… well.. i am.. but, that is not what the meds are for lol)

Note: FOUND IT! It was under my monitor!

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