Sinister Slaughters

MadPea Productions’ newest game, Sinister Slaughters!

““Sinister Slaughters” is a haunting adventure that takes players through an immersive and interactive game world where things have gone horribly wrong. You take the role of a psychic detective and are the only one who can solve a series of brutal murders through your visions and your cunning. Do you have what it takes to relive the victims’ horrors and solve the crimes? Take a deep breath and steel your nerves, maddening mystery awaits you. “

The game is rated moderate due to some shocking surprises and blood.

Well, as some of you know, I was recently added as a Madpea Productions Blogger.. and, I am excited.
I was told that I could head over to the Sinister Slaughters sim and pick up a hud, since I am a new blogger..

This event originally started in January.. so, I am not sure if it is still public but, I headed over, grabbed my hud, and my awesome fashion, and I started the game.

Sinister Slaughters

The irony of this is, my education, and past experience in RL is all Law Enforcement..
So, I thought at first, this would be easy.. however… it’s really not.

So far, I am stuck at the first house, hehe…. Law enforcement, isn’t physic, and this IS… so, I am floored, and stuck… I have touched everything… but, I am not giving up…. I will be there as long as the sim folks allow it…

I can picture it now…. I shall be old, and grey, and on my death bed, when I finally see something, that I some how missed.. hehe…

It IS solvable, since many people have already completed this stage… but, well…… maybe it is because I am sooo tired as of late… but, it is now almost 11am est, and I am about to go and try again… I cannot help but think.. I totally messed up some how lol.. but, wish me luck.. I am heading back now!

If you would like more information on this event, as well as all the other awesome productions,
come check out the Madpea Productions Website!


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