Getting prepared, and being prepared… are two totally different things.


I am not entirely sure what inspired me to do a post like this.. Especially since I haven’t in a very long time…
However, Tentaicio released a very adorable set called, Sweet Bondage, which is now available at the Arcade Gacha Event … and I wanted to incorporate as many items as I could, while wearing my Belleza – Isis body… especially since this set is actually for the Maitreya body… now, don’t get me wrong.. the Maitreya is nice… it’s just too thin.. and no matter how much I increase, or decrease my body mass, or hips, or legs.. I just cannot get it to feel right to me..

In my mind.. when I think of BDSM and other fun stuff, I do not picture, anorexic thin…
I see in my mind.. curves, and muscle, and fullness….
Maybe I am a strange one.  It would not be the first time someone has said that to me… but, I like to think that if I am playing with someone… I am not going to break them… or, if a miracle were to transpire, and it were me that was bound and gagged, that I would not look like I would break…. Like that would happen… Can you see it? Someone thinking that they would be able to get me into that sort of position? HA!

Still though… BDSM is all about stamina, and endurance… And, you need a little meat, to endure some of the things, I could put you through…….. Just stating a fact.

Be Prepared

The first photo, I am using a pose from my mother, Leannan Wolfgang’s store Erotipose  called, I am Yours. I wanted to use a more, seductive pose, for an opener photo.. and as I have always said, black & white photos, I find more erotic!

The pose I am using for the outfit, or “look” share, is from Ma Vie called, She’s So – 08.
I always want the “share” photo to be, upright.. and my mother’s poses are… sexual.. they send the message, “hey baby.. i am ready for you…” haha.. which is awesome!

It is time to walk away from my keyboard, before I start telling naughty stories.. but, if you are in the mood for more naughtiness.. I would suggest that you head on out to the many events happening right now!

I will post a few in the description below.. always remember, check the full description, since it is all down there. lol Cya laters!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  Dianna | WIP

Head | Catwa |  Catya | Catwa Clip

Skin | Deetalez – Mixedtone
Note: Sorry, I forgot to write which skin it is down. Boo on my forgetfulness.

Hair | :::Phoenix::: | Nancy  | Kinky Event | March 2017

Tattoo | TattooMania | / T-12 / Opacity | Men Only Event | Feb 2017  

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Shiny Elf

Hands | Vista | Prohands Bento

Eyes | IKON | Hope Eyes – Leonine

Mesh Body | -Belleza- Isis

Tail | {aii} | + Bento Devil Tail V1.2


Top | American Bazaar | Bambina Halter – Silver | Whore Couture Fair 7 | mar 2017

Harness Top |  *Tentacio* | Sweet bondage. | Arcade Gacha Event | March 2017  | Gacha Key

Panties | Vinyl  Troy (panties worn only)

Boots | Phedora | Coax boots pack ( 25 colors ) | Whore Couture Fair 7 | mar 2017


Face | TABOU.  | Andy Harness Face- Black  | Kinky Event | March 2017

Other Accessories | *Tentacio* | Sweet bondage. | Arcade Gacha Event | March 2017  | Gacha Key


Pose 1 | Erotipose  called, I am Yours.

Pose 2 |  Ma Vie called, She’s So – 08


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