Together – United

Together - United

Everyone, is entitled to an opinion, and not one single person is more correct than the other.

We all need to just stop, and accept, that although many of us are friends, or maybe not… we all will have an opinion..

We all just need to learn to accept that not everyone will agree with every single thing we think..

I have accepted that, and I never had the intention of trying to sway anyone else over to my way of thinking…

And, really.. I just wish that we could all agree to disagree and just be friends, colleagues, or what ever else we are in this world.. even just passing strangers.

I made this video because, I said something the other day, and honestly, I know now, I did not express myself correctly,  and by the time I went back, and tried to explain it better, things had gotten out of hand.. at least, through my own eyes.

Also, I did not make this video to kiss anyone’s behind, like it was suggested by one youtube/blog subscriber.

Sometimes, I just need to explain myself better, for my own sake, as well as others. It is better to feel proper with myself, than to go off, stressing, and worrying that I have offended someone, when I know for a fact, that was not my intention.

Don’t worry… this is not all doom and gloom… trust me, there is some amazing stuff in this video as well…. just listen… well, the first half of this, has notations.. because, as I was listening to it, after I had recorded it, there were things I wanted to clarify… Enjoy..

Again, thank you to the people on plurk, that offered suggestions afterwards, on how to deal with stuff..

Harrison , Lacie, Faedra & Taisynn thank you for calming me down about stuff as well and giving me suggestions.

I know there were others in the larger plurk posts but, as I said.. things got too overwhelming, and I just threw my hands up, deleted, and walked away.

Anyway.. I hope that I made better sense this time but, if I didn’t … well.. I am not going to apologize for how I want to raise my children, nor how my family sees the only way to a better future.

I have faith, that one day, someone in the world, will have a voice strong enough, that more people will listen too…



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I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

I blogged random things that I liked over the past month…. or so.. lol

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Hands | Vista | Prohands Bento  | New Release ~ free Updates

Eyes | Catwa |  Mesh Eyes| Catwa Clip

Mesh Body | -Belleza- | Venus


Dress | Luas | Pastel Goth Dress Purple | Gacha

Shoes | FLite. | Lowtop Ducks – Pink


Single Pose | Sari-Sari | heart

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