First rule of the Draftsman event… Do not miss it.

Whatever you do - Dont Miss this event

What would any Morgie blog be without some form of music?

I am one of the official bloggers for the, Draftsman, and we bloggers, tend to be able to pick up blogger copies to be able to share with you all..
Now, that doesn’t mean that the designers always provide them, so for this post, I decided, that I wanted you all to see exactly what is at the event..
And I included everyone, except Bigbully because I was not able to get it to rez.. sorry all.. but, no worries, if you check the category, I have already blogged them this round, so you could go head over there to see it!

I hope that you enjoy the video!

On the side here, … or is it below? hehe I don’t know.. I have added tags for all the stores.. so, all that is left, is a url for you.. have fun!!

Draftsman & the Victorian Age!

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