Mermaid Dreams


She wears her eye shadow
In place of lipstick
Because she likes to experiment
And she’s a rule breaker
She tests all the limits
And pushes boundaries
Until there’s nothing left.
When she closes her eyes
She can see her dreams
Unfurl; only her heart can see
What others fail to notice.
In her mind, she’s a mermaid
Spinning a fairy tale
Greater than imagination.
And she has hopes
In her bleeding heart
You don’t see them, but
Maybe you can feel them.
She crosses her fingers
And waits for pastel tulips
And lips crushed together
In tender kisses.
And when you walk out the door,
All she sees is pretty eyes
And the brightest of smiles
And a hint of hair…
Silently, she hopes and prays
It’s not too late
And that you will return tomorrow.

A Mermaids Dream

I have been meaning to do a mermaid shoot… for a while now, so the fact that the Secret Affair has a lovely theme that appears geared to all the lovely ladies of the sea… or is that ocean? Who know! All I know is that I love how this has all turned out!

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Styling  ~ Morgana


Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Laine | Coming Soon

Head | Catwa |  Catya | Catwa Clip

Skin | Essences | Lynn – M02

Hair  | {Letituier} | Ocean Hair – Fatpack | The Secret Affair | jan 2017

Hands | Vista | Prohands Bento  | New Release ~ free Updates

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Shiny Elf Ears  | luciayes.magic |  Shiny Shabby | Jan 2017

Eyes | Catwa |  Mesh Eyes| Catwa Clip

Mesh Body | -Belleza- | Venus

Tail | *The Cove* | Depth Female | The Secret Affair | jan 2017

Eyeshadow | ::SlackGirl::  | Ariel Mesh & Makeup for Catwa & Classic AV | The Secret Affair | jan 2017


Headdress | ERSCH | Fish Wreath All + bonus | The Secret Affair | jan 2017


AO | Oracul | RP-006 Hello Mermaid


Plants | Little Branch | tropicalsnow*Pink{Mesh} | The Secret Affair | jan 2017


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