Bell – Let’s Talk – Mental Illness Awareness

Lets Talk

Today is the official, Let’s Talk day by, Bell Canada.

The goal of this day is to spread awareness of mental illness and disease across Canada.. as well as the world.

Why limit it to just Canada, when we have a vast world out there with so many countries, and cultures..

We are many… isn’t that what all those movies we have seen on the TV say, when talking about thousand, millions, maybe even billions…the number could be rising, and we would not know because there is too much of a stigma on mental illness.

“Don’t talk about it.. it will go away”

“Pretend they are normal.”

” Your not depressed, your just sad.”

“Get over it”

“Your crazy!”

How many of you have heard things like this?

There is always my personal favorites.. (sarcasm attempt)

“Go on and kill yourself already!”

“No one cares if your depressed!”

“You mean nothing, to anyone”

“No one would miss you if you were gone”……..

Depression, and suicidal thoughts, and feelings, go hand in hand… and hearing, or reading, people saying this sort of thing…  It’s not right..

So, I think that it is important for us all to share experiences, to talk to people when we are feeling this way.. When things in our heads, just start to become overwhelming, and stifling.. When the pain in your head, and heart get too much.. Talk about it!

I admit it. I have been suicidal.. I have been so depressed, that one conversation feels like it is going to send me over the edge and it is so hard to hold on but, I do it for my children…

Having people tell me I am selfish, for feeling how I feel… is not the way to help things get better.

If someone out there is suicidal, chances are, there is a reason. An underlying cause. And saying things like that to anyone.. well, to us, THAT, is selfish.. It is telling us, that you would rather brush us off, than listen… and honestly.. sometimes, that is all that we want. Someone to listen to us. Not judge us. Not tell us all the ways we are wrong.. but, just listen.. Nod, smile, pout.. understand…

Let's Talk - Mental Awareness

I think if there was more awareness ability in this world, so many people would have much better lives.

If I can affect just one person with this post… If I can be attention to them, just one time.. Change their lives for the better… It would make me extremely happy..

I want to help make a change in this world.. and if sharing my story helps.. than awesome.

Below are the links I used for reference in this video..

Please pass them on, and make sure to watch the facebook video often.. as many times as possible, and share it with everyone you know…

I am sure, you will help change someone’s life.. for the better.

Resources & References

Bell Let’s Talk Twitter

Bell Let’s Talk Facebook

Bell Let’s Talk Instagram

Bell Let’s Talk Youtube

Bell Let’s Talk Press + Teacher Resource 

Asperger’s Syndrome Wiki

National Institute of Mental Health – Bipolar Disorder

Psych Central – Debunking 6 Myths About Asperger Syndrome

Canadian Mental Health Association 

I hope that something here will help you, or help you help someone else.

Let’s talk.. Don’t hide. Don’t be ashamed. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!

You are not alone.

Thank you for reading.

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5 thoughts on “Bell – Let’s Talk – Mental Illness Awareness

  1. I have also been suicidal, one pill away from ending it. Depression, Anxiety and many others fill my charts at Drs and Therapist offices. It runs deep in my family, and that is why I chose not to have children. Selfish?? Maybe, but it was MY decision. I have lost too many loved ones, as early as the age of 12, to suicide. On top of that I was raised in the Catholic church in which suicide is a mortal sin. Screw that.
    Mental Illness ignorance has made those of us pariahs. It is time that everyone is educated, that depression can affect all of us. Sometimes only for weeks, some of us for life.
    Thank you for sharing your struggle. And my personal favorite….”Just go exercise. You will feel soooo much better.” Honey, if I had the will power to go exercise, I wouldn’t still be wearing my 4 day old PJ’s and eating Ben and Jerry’s.
    Hit me up in world if you ever need a friend. You are not alone.

    Ruby xx

    1. I hate when ppl tell me to “get up and walking”.. I have a spinal injury, and an injury to my hip that is so bad that I cannot even climb the stairs! (however, in the case of an emergency, as we found out this winter, if one of my children are hurting, i find a way up there!!).. If I didn’t have this pain in my body… I could exercise.. derp lol.
      Drs are grand for most things but, in the end, you are the only one that really knows what is happening in your own mind… As far as I know, they do not have a technology that can see what’s going on in there, just yet.. lol xx Thanks for the comments 🙂

      1. My favorite is going to Pain Management and they suggest swimming and PT. What they don’t get is that I had trouble walking from the dreaded parking garage, up the 15 steps outside their office and to the elevator.
        I have been blessed with a husband that (FINALLY) understands the pain that even bringing up the laundry can wear me out for hours. Can’t work anymore thanks to MS, and I leave the house once a week for therapy and the trek around the grocery store. SL has been a great way for me to meet others like us, dress up pretty and go ballroom dancing.
        I have cats, insulin shots twice a day for my oldest. MY reason for getting out of bed, if only 30 minutes. Love your blog. Keep going sister!!! Ruby xx

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