Akeruka Bento Head – Lara

Akeruka Bento Head - Lara

Another bento head review.

Akeruka Lara 

I know I do not make everyone happy with my reviews but, in the end, I tell my honest opinions, and I do not overly sugar coat things. Hell, I barely sugar coat anything.. If I do at all it is normally because the creator, has a history of being… less than kind or appreciative of an honest opinion, or they are newer creators, and I do not want to come off as someone that hates their store.

I love the fact that with Kaoz, creator of Akeruka Mesh Heads, I can be honest, and not be afraid of some kind of retaliation.

I must note, that due to a recent review I gave of a new hair store, I have been receiving nasty comments on my blog, as well as my youtube. I am fine, if someone doesn’t like my reviews, that is solely on them, as everyone is entitled to their opinions however, what I do not condone is the insulting, name calling, belittling.. That doesn’t make me look like a bad person.. it makes the commenter, as well as the owner of the store that had such a bad reaction, that they started to send people “after me”… now, they may not have literally said, “I hate this person, harass them for me” but, whatever the person did say, has caused this action.

And before anyone asks, “how do you know it was caused by this person”? Some of the things that have been said about me, are exact matches for what the creator of the store had said to me. Maybe it is a coincidence but, with something like this, I do not believe in coincidences.

Honestly, I think it is pretty pathetic that there have been these horrible comments.. At least when I make a review, I point out the positives, along with the flaws. I always make sure that there will be something I can offer as good criticism because, knowing how it feels to feel like I am being beaten down, for doing something I love, I want to make sure that I have not purposely caused this sort of feeling. Granted, I cannot control how someone will take something I have said but, at least, at the end of the post, I am happy, knowing that I did my best.


In the end, I wish these people would grow up and move on… but, unfortunately, they are doing it for attention, so they will never stop. Stopping, inclines a certain amount of maturity. And based on how long it has been since the review, shows a sever lack of this trait.

Anyway.. for this review, I will post everything that I can remember of the overall body, and I do hope that it is enough.. if there is something missing, and it is very important for you to know, please leave a message and I will get back to you asap.

Thanks for being a reader of my blog, as well as a big thank you to the people that follow my Youtube.. Your support is important to me.

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I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

I blogged random things that I liked over the past month…. or so.. lol

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!

Styling  ~ Morgana


Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  Mai | Morgana Hilra | Y1K Celebration Gift!!!

Hair | :::Phoenix::: | Kiara | Hairology | Jan 2017

Eyes | {Dead Apples} | Anime Eyes – North

Head| Akeruka |  Lara – Bento | Kaoz Koba | new Release

Mesh Body | -Belleza- | Venus | Tricky Boucher | New Update | 08.03.16

Skin | -Belleza- | Sophie – Logo

Tattoo | Carol G | Arush Black

Told you I would figure it out!


Top | Zombie Suicide | Skimp | Twe12ve | Jan 2016

Pants | Sn@tch | 


Pose |    oOo  Studio | palais_four

3 thoughts on “Akeruka Bento Head – Lara

  1. Have been a follower and reader of your blog for awhile it is very refreshing that you give honest opinions with good and bad points and not gush over something if you do not like it ~ for me and maybe others they appreciate that fact ~ keep up the good work ~ hugzz

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