Had a random thought, and then I unboxed…

Decor(c)rate Unboxing Video

Thank you to my anonymous reader for my awesome xmas gift, to put towards an unboxing of my choice!

I chose to go with, Deco(c)rate!

I wanted to try this box out since it began.. and now here is my chance.

I started out, wanting to make it short but, lol.. well you know me.. I am overly thorough, and I talk alot… plus, today you have the added experience of me being exhausted!

And here are all the designers!

> 8f8
> Cheeky Pea
> Chez Moi
> Di’Cor
> HEXtraordinary
> [keke]
> MudHoney
> Pewpew!
> Revival
> Schultz Bros.
> Second Spaces
> Stockholm & Lima
> Vagabond

Once again, I have borrowed the list of participating designers of an unboxing from, Strawberry Singh! <- Click there to check out her video!

I hope that the video turns out OK.. since my youngest daughter is now too sick to be in school, it’s been a rough morning but, at least you get a good look at everything, lol.. and the windlight I used for the video is, Places – Paris.


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