It’s all just a facade.

Its all just a facade

I see, read, hear people complain that no one is “real” in Second Life.

To this, all I can think to say is that, Second Life is a virtual realm.

People come here for all different reasons..

Some come to learn to build, or create while others, come to act out fantasies, or become a part of a role play community..

No where in the Terms of Service, does it say, you must be a real male if choosing to be a male in Second Life, or a real female when choosing to be a female in Second Life..

Or, whatever else someone could conjure up in Second Life…

The point to all of it is the choice of being who you are.. and choosing what to share, and what not to share.

Sure, I will agree that once you lie to someone anywhere in life, you tend to find yourself having to lie to cover up the first lie, and then it is life a snowball effect..

Now, I understand if you and said person decide to take things out of Second Life into the Real world, then yes.. I do agree it is better to just tell the truth about who you are.. but, as I stated above.. there is no written rule that says you cannot be whom ever you wish to be in Second Life.

Some of us, have one “face” that we show the outside world, or Second Life… and that face is what we want to share.. not something we have to share..

And then we have another face that we share with either our real life, or with the residents of Second Life that we have invited into our real lives, in to our real selves.

It takes a great amount of trust to allow someone to become a part of my real world.. And I am sure it does with many others out there in lala land (meaning other virtual platforms)..

Instead of complaining that no one is, “real”… maybe the complaint should be more like.. “this person, did not trust me enough, to allow me into their private lives, and instead, only showed me what they wanted too.. And thus, chose that I was unable to be a part of their real lives, to the extent that I would have liked to have been.”.

From what I have seen all over the grid, and also in the real world.. is that .. Some people will share parts of their lives with others.. only to find out what they have shared, has been dragged through the mud, and used against them, as a weapon.. Now, if this had happened to you… would you be more inclined to share more of yourself? Or would you do what those people have done, and shut the people out that have hurt you?

There is something to ponder while we head into the, New Year..

Anyway, I shall head out, so that you may do some shopping,.

I hope you have had a great year.. and I wish you a most awesome 2017!

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I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

I blogged random things that I liked over the past month…. or so.. lol

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!

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4 thoughts on “It’s all just a facade.

  1. I could not agree with you more on this matter! In many ways, I believe that SecondLife allows you to be more like your real self in a way that is safe and comfortable. In SL, you can be human, a Tiny, a vampire, a Reptilian creature, male, female, and (mostly) nobody judges you for it. In real life, it seems as if everyone is judging you, based on your appearance, gender, etc. I think this is why I love SL so much. To me, it is not only a wonderful place to build, explore and meet new people, but it is also a place where you can truly be yourself (or someone completely different from how you normally are) and not be judged for it. 🙂

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