Something a bit raw but, beautiful!

Trust me....

I know this is not my normal kind of post but, I have been a bit.. off kilter.. with my friends passing, and then her service, I think it is safe to say, I have not been myself..

I was actually very blue the other day when I ran into, Mr. Lambert (inka danovski) at Tres Chic but, since they are so awesome, I wanted to say hello again, and of course take a photo.. because, their avie is just so photograph-able!

It’s amazing how people touch your life, and may not even realize what they have done….

With that mood I was in that day.. sad, lonely, emotionally in pain….. and this person, whom I have looked up too for so many years, was sweet to me.. gave me a gift, chatted with me for a few minutes.. joked, talked about photos, and events.. it changed my mood, and just gave me something to smile about..

And, that is what this season is about. right? Random acts of kindness?

I am sure, I sound odd.. or, as one reader said… whinny.. but, honestly.. if you have been following my social media, then you know why I was all those things.. and maybe to some, I may seem “over the top”, when I am talking about my encounter… but, really… does it matter? It made my day better.. it relaxed me, and well here I am.. days later, and so much more happy for that simple chat.. and kindness.. so, I will just be over the top.

I want to thank, *Mr. Lambert for that experience.

A bit about the above photo, since I am only going to share the skin info in this write up… however, I will tell you that the head I am wearing is Catya from Catwa.

This photo.. is totally natural.. so much so, you may be surprised..

ZERO edit.. low graphics..

if it looks this good in the lowest graphics can you imagine how awesome it would be with better graphics?
This is.. omg.. my most favorite skin from this creator ever.. and trust me when I say, I am a forever fan..

I just, I don’t know.. I am so drawn to it.. and now, it is mine…
You NEED this skin.. trust me on this.
Essences – Lynn Catwa Applier includes all tones,
Shiny Shabby..

Check out, Mr. Lambert’s flickr here.

Essences Mainstore

Catwa Mainstore

I will leave you all with this one last thing…please share as you need. xo

Trust me


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