All the pretty lights

Tis the Season

This year has been filled with ups & downs, happy memories, and not so happy ones… Good times & and bad..

I have been lucky enough to have some very close people by my side both in the real world, as well as in the virtual world..

It is easy to tell you the things that have upset me, or hurt me over the past while so, instead.. I will try a different approach..

Morgies lil helper

In the past year things that made me happy in real life were.. My youngest daughter learning grade 7 mathematics, and fully understanding them… She suffers from a sever learning disability, as well as a speech impediment so, this tends to ruin her self confidence, and cause a high level of anxiety.. However, due to this amazing school in our home town, over the past couple years.. with this one being the best, she has grown into herself, and is improving every single day.

I am thankful for talking to my step father, Glenn more often..  It may seem strange to people but, anyone that has ever had a step parent, I am sure can agree with me in this aspect, if the relationship between the parents does not work out, and they seperate or divorce, that doesn’t mean that the step parent ceases to be in the child’s heart.. If anything, it may make them long to be a part of their lives even more.. And, I have been blessed with being able to be in constant contact with him, as well as with my beautiful Aunt Cheryl, and hopefully working on reuniting with the rest of their family.. which in my heart or hearts, is still a part of me.

I have to include, finally reaching that major hump while healing from my ankle injury, and being released from my nurse, and surgeon.. If you follow me on either Facebook or Plurk, then you likely already knew about my ankle.. and I am not going to get into any gory details here but, I am sure that if you saw the photos, you can agree, that it is a huge relief to have that finally close up, and well let’s just say, I have never been so happy to see a scab ever in my life, lmao.

I should of course add Jeff and his parents here. It’s not that I forgot them, it’s just they are a constant in my immediate life, so I sometimes find I take them for granted, which of course is not a good thing to do. Always remember to tell people that you are grateful for them, and that they are important to you. Without these people I do not know where I would be today. My family is one of the most important aspects of my life. These past 18 years has been filled with good and bad times.. Scares and surprises.. Can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Holiday Love

In Second Life.. I think it is a given that I am happy that Tiseral & I have survived the odds, and are still working on us! Our partnership, and companionship has meant more to me than I can express. We have some major ups & downs, disagreements, like anyone else but, in the end, we try not to log out pissed at each other… doing that just upsets each other even more.

I am beyond thankful and happy that one of my longest/oldest and dearest friends became my Mother.. Leannan Wolfgang and of course James you are there as well.. These two people have such an amazing place in my heart. I love the support they offer and I love the fact that mom and I talk randomly, and spend time together either on sl, or wow.. or even just video chatting or smoke signals! Ok, I made that last one up but, hey.. if we could do it, I am sure we would!

I am happy for my extended family that have become a part of my life over the past….omg, 13 years in one way or another.. There are so many, I cannot name them all but, they all know who they are.. and just because we may not talk much now because, our lives may have moved on, we all know that if one of us needs the other, we will be there for each other.

Another happy thought is how lucky I am to have my friend, Rio in my life.. Again.. ups & downs, we always find each other in the craziness of Second Life! No matter what, this man is always in my heart. We know so much about each other, and we have so much more to learn about each other.. I wish I could put into words what he means to me.. This is a friend, I could never bare to lose. And I believe I have proven this to him..

Another great friend, Andrew. He owns some of my firsts.. and also a few of my lasts. This is an inside joke, that if he thinks about it hard enough, he will figure it out. I am happy, that he has found his real life love, and that they are now free to be together. I love seeing him so happy.

Footloose and fancy ♥ free

So many friends.. I will mention a few more.. Matt. He and I are like.. gravity. We fight, we “break up”, we make up, and rinse and repeat but, in the end.. No matter what, we are there for each other. -Break up meaning .. friend, not friend.. etc.

Kaelyn.. this woman.. wow.. what to say about her.. She is amazing. Sweet. Caring.. I have never felt threatened around her.. She inspires me to be more social. “Get out of my skybox” and meet new people. I owe meeting folks like Rie to her.. and She inspires my creativity.. and my decorating. She is just perfect in my eyes.

For friends, there are too many to write here.. but, again.. you all know who you are.. and if you are on my list, it means that in one way or another you are a part of my life.. My last name for an important friend, would have to be, Audrey.. She is the epitome of support, friendship and sweetness.  I am so lucky that she has always been there, to encourage me, and push me to do better. I love how we can joke with each other, and not feel like.. I have over stepped, or said something stupid.. If she is laughing, so am I and vice versa.

Now, before I end this post of my happy thoughts, I have to put a humongous shout out to one of the best second life to real life cross over fathers in all of the world. Delkor Dreadlow.. He has been with me, many years.. He earned the respect, and love I have for him. He doesn’t kiss my ass, and pretend to be something that he is not, and he doesn’t allow me to pretend either. He is encouraging, parental, funny.. Just, everything a girl would want for a father. And if someone out there in the real world disagrees.. well, that is their loss, and my gain.

There is so much in the real world and in second life that I am so grateful for.. and happy for.. that, I think it out weighs the bad..

At least, when I am feeling bad, I know that I have someone I can talk too.. it is better to reach out, when you are feeling bad, than to keep it all yourself but, you have to remember.. also reach out when you are feeling good.. it is important to show people that you are thinking of them.. You never know if maybe, that person is having a hard time, and may need you for a change.

Anyway, that is my post for today.. I may take Wednesday to myself.. Catch up on sleeping, reading The Devils Roses (I am on book 7 of 8 and loving it.. except when it makes me blush.. lol), and maybe I may record some more wow videos, who knows.. but, I think I have earned a day off.. lol.

I hope that you all have a great holiday season.. and I am sure you will hear that from me alot but, I want you all to know, I am thinking of you.

PS: Thank you to Tiseral for posing with me for this post, and our holiday card!

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