Welcome to my Nightmare~

Welcome to my Nightmare

I have decided to start something, on the side so to speak..

I want to take a photo of a location, and share it with all of you!

I don’t know how often I will do this but, I will add a category to the side called, “Places to Visit”.

Starting things off with this lovely house..

You can find this dream home on a sim called,  Arranmore .

This is a sim design by, Lauren Bentham .

The landing point, is creepy.. children’s toys abandoned by the side of the road.. a storm brewing on the horizon.. eeriness is eternal in, Arranmore..

Do you dare to venture?

If by chance, you brave the spirits.. share your photos with us by clicking the following link, and joining the group!

Arranmor Official

Come and play.. you never know.. maybe you will make a new friend……..

I can’t guarantee that they are alive, however.

Photo Edit Information

mild bokeh

(to blur outside edges or the framing. i wanted to draw more attn to the house.)


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