Graphics, Tears and Other Things

Just as Promised

I went all out on this one for you all..

I have had many questions, from both viewers on youtube, as well as people from my blog.. so, at least know people are watching.. or reading, or checking out my photos!

In this video, I cover.. so many things, lol..
There is the over all look, and there is the answer to those questions and concerns about, not having a super pc..
you don’t need it!!! You can have amazing photos, and shadows, and so much more.. just follow my video..

One thing though, something I need help with, and maybe you.. my readers, subscribers and over all general public…
I have been checking out, blogger applications.. places, that I think I could do a great job for however, they have these .. well… interesting flickr requirements.. like, 500 views on average, and 99 favs???
What I need from YOU.. is help in figuring out how to improve my blogging style, so that maybe I can come close, if not meet, the requirements.
I am actually alot than people realize so, I do not know how to market my photos, and blog.. heck my videos as well..
So, I could really use help.. suggestions on how to improve, or if you happen to have a flickr account, and like how I have taken, edited, not edited, etc a photos, to please click like, this way.. well for one, it will help me know what sort of photos you all like… and also, it will boost my confidence…
If there is one thing we all need.. not only a blogger, or photographer, it’s confidence and help building it.

I am a tad tired, so if I am not making sense, I am very sorry, LOL…

I made another dancing video, and if you would like to see it,  click here..   I do hope you enjoy it.

And now, here is all of your info.. xoxo have a great weekend!


A wish List to keep me busy through recovery

Morgana Hilra’s photostream

Morgana’s Youtube Channel

All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Designer Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

I blogged random things that I liked over the past month…. or so.. lol

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!

Styling  ~ Morgana


Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  Storm | Morgana Hilra | New Release

Head | Catwa | Dyana  | Catwa Clip

Eyeliner | WarPaint | Swan Liner | mafalda.hienrichs | anyBody | October | 2016

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Ears Elf HD – High Definition | luciayes.magic | Shiny Shabby | Sept | 2016

Hair | Tableau Vivant | Ivy | M4ri1yn Magic

Eyes | Catwa | Mesh Eyes /Tears| Catwa Clip | New Release

Skin | Le Forme | Kurumi | Louise Marsault | The Project7 | October | 2016

Tattoo | Letis Tattoo | Akantha | Leti Hax | New release

Nail Polish | Dark Passions |  Arachnophobia  | bcreative.wilde| Pumpkin Town | October | 2016

Mesh Body | -Belleza- | Venus | Tricky Boucher | New Update | 08.03.16


Dress | Apple May Designs | Apple May | Risque Business | The Seasons Story | starts October 10th | 2016

Shoes | -KC- | JOHANNA | Klari55a | anyBody | October | 2016


chest Piercing | Zombie Suicide | Carrie | isis.zamin | Kinky monthly | October | 2016

Collar/Cuffs | Bauhaus Movement | Rabbit Mode | loulou.teichmann | The Corssroads | October | 2016

Necklace / Bindi | *PROMAGIC* | Naari { RoseGold Set Full } RARE | promagic – Gacha


Pose  |  (marukin) | [hane]  | valencia.southard


Loft | Studio Skye | Skye Warehouse | Alex Bader

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