Here come the apples

Here come the apples

Well, it looks as if my favorite season is about to start..
You won’t believe what I did to our home.. it was mainly because I was afraid we were leaving it.
We have been there so long, I really do not want to go but, in the end, it looks like we are staying.. goodness, I hope so..
For new readers, I am referring to Tiseral & my home in SL.. lol.
However, we form bonds to places, just like to people.. and this place has always been so relaxing..
I hope to make it a nice place again… plus, we have to get ready for Halloween.. right?


Quick note.. the owner of one of Second Life’s oldest stores, Adn Designs, has asked me to become one of their bloggers.

I accepted, as shown above.. yes, this included Jared, as well.

Styling – Jared


Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  Ian | Morgana Hilra | Y1K Celebration Gift!!!

Hair | *ARGRACE* | ARATA – White | rika Oyen

Eyes | {S0NG}  | Valo // Blue Eye / Grey Eye | funeral.plutonian | The Mens Dept | Sept | 2016

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Rox Ears 0.2 | luciayes.magic

Head/Skin | ..::SAMURAI::.. | Dong – Default Tone | primrosestar

Mesh Body | [SIGNATURE] | Gianni – Mesh Body – v3.0 | Raph Dirval


Outfit | [ADN] | THE BOSS  | Adabetha Nayl | New release


Prop  |  Come Soon Poses | The 1950’s | guilhermedandretti2

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