My momma is such a bad, bad girl! *warning* Adult themed SL Hunt

Leannan and Morgie

I love my mom, so much!

And she has a really awesome hunt, especially for all you openly, or closet pervs!

hehe.. I am so in the closet!! lol.

I wanted to reblog her recent post but, she is on another web hosting site, sooo I did it this way instead..

Outing her is so much more fun!! And this way, she will get seen by YOU, my awesome readers, and then you can visit her site as well.

Check it out, and if your a designer, think of it this way.. what an insanely awesome way for people to check out your store!

I know I found many new stores, just by doing hunts!

The following is my mothers blog post!

Leannan Sufferingfromlockjaw “Wolfgang”

~~~And we are BACK!~~~

Helllo again my fellow perverts and hunt lovers!

My apologies for the HUGE gap between HYIS14 (that happened in April/May) and HYIS15 (which is September 15-October 15). I was very sick for the last 6 months, and kept planning to have the hunt, but needed to postpone it twice due to me being in no condition to coordinate it in any way that you do justice to my merchants and hunters. I am still sick now, but I am stronger than I was, and able to do this round.

We are up to date as of this moment (two stores will begin on skip for the first 24 hours at least), the stores have been selected via bra-pull (photo below for proof. LOL!), Cocks have been lined up and marched to their new owners, and most of them are already in place but “limp” until Midnight of the 15th of September!

Yes, we REALLY believe in random pulls! Sponsors to the left, everyone else to the right)

Yes, we REALLY believe in random pulls! Sponsors to the left, everyone else to the right)

March of the Penises HYIS15

March of the Penises HYIS15

OHHHH and we have a new page you want to check out!

It’s a Sponsors page, you can click this link or click the Sponsors button above!

It will give you the SLURL, MP, Facebook, Flickr, etc for the stores that are sponsoring each round:)

I hope you all really enjoy the offerings from our stores, and please be sure to go back and visit the stores that really interest you!!!

Lusty Regards,

Leannan Wolfgang aka Sufferingfrom Lockjaw

Coordinator and Founder of Hunt for Your Inner Slut

All info on my mothers hunt… that sounds sooo bad… can be found here!

Hunt for your inner Slut

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